Mathematics in the 21st century  ——

 Algebraic Analysis and Around

in honor of  Professor Masaki Kashiwara's  60th birthday

Kyoto, June 25  –  June 30, 2007

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Last update: May 29, 2007. 
Masaki Kashiwara

The Main Talks

The schedule of the main talks has been changed:
Wednesday, June 27th, 2007  
Inamori Hall, Shiran Kaikan, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University  (site No.21 on this map)
16:00 – 16:30   Professor Pierre Schapira
Masaki Kashiwara and Algebraic Analysis
16:35 – 17:35   Professor Masaki Kashiwara
Generalization of Lascoux-LeClerc-Thibon-Ariki theory
There will be a  Concert  and  Banquet   after this talk.

On-line registration

All the participants are requested to register by June 15, 2007. Choose one from the following pages:
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Note: The server will send an automatic reply to your email address when you click the submit icon at each bottom of the pages listed above. In case the both servers are unstable, please retry later. Thank you.


Please send all enquiries to the address shown at  the bottom of this page.

List of Participants

(To be announced)

Invited speakers

A. Beilinson V. Chari I. Cherednik B. Feigin E. Frenkel
I. Frenkel D. Gaitsgory V. Ginzburg I. Grojnowski S.-J. Kang
S. Kumar B. Leclerc F. Loeser K. Kato T. Kawai
T. Mochizuki S. Mori H. Nakajima R. Rouquier C. Sabbah
K. Saito M. Saito T. Saito E. Vasserot K. Vilonen


Program (June 29, 2007) [The schedule for Thursday morning has been changed]

Organizing committee

Chief organizers: T. Miwa    P. Schapira
Scientific advisors: B. Feigin     M. Jimbo     K. Kato     T. Kimura  
H. Nakajima     T. Oshima     T. Tanisaki    
Managing organizers:    T. Nakashima     A. Matsuo     Y. Saito


This conference will be held as one of the concluding activities in the 21 century COE Program:
Formation of an International Center of Excellence in the Frontiers of Mathematics and Fostering of Researchers in Future Generations .


The organizing committee is planning to publish a volume of refereed papers in:  
Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics.

Financial Support for young researchers

There will be a special program of supporting overseas excellent young researchers to participate this conference with limited amount of budget, which can only cover their local expenses. Please send enquiries to the email address shown at the bottom of this page by April 15th as soon as possible.
We will quit accepting applications for this support as soon as the number reached the limit according to our budget even before April 15th.

Poster Session by young researchers

There will be arranged Poster Session by young researchers in the afternoon of June 27 (Wed) near the lecture hall in Shiran Kaikan. The detail will be announced later here.

Transportation to Kyoto

See the following page:
Transportation to Kyoto, Map of Kyoto City


The invited speakers will be staying at  Holiday Inn Kyoto.

Overseas participants wishing to stay at the same Holiday Inn are requested to send enquiries to the email address shown at the bottom of this page by April 15th.

Access to the lecture halls

Lecture halls

Mon 25th - Wed 27th:   Inamori Hall, Shiran Kaikan
Thu 28th - Sat 30th: Room 420, RIMS

Access to Shiran Kaikan

Map of Faculty of Medicine Campus
Map of Facilities in Faculty of Medicine  (Site No.21)

Access to RIMS (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences)

Map of North Campus

Registration Fee

All the participants are requested to contribute with JPY 2,000 on arrival.

Conference Banquet

The conference banquet will be held in the evening of June 27th (Wed) at Shiran Kaikan. Those who attend the banquet will be requested to pay additional JPY 5,000.


Please send all enquiries to the following address:

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