Poster Session
Presenters from Kyoto U
Name Title
Tsuchioka, Shunsuke A generalization of the degenerate affine Hecke algebra of type A
Wunsch, Marcus On a generalized CLM vorticity model equation
Shiozawa, Yuichi
(Ritsumeikan U)
Central limit theorem for branching Brownian motions in random environment
Oguni, Shin-ichi Spectral Density Functions of Modules over Finite von Neumann Algebras and Random Walks on Discrete Groups
Cho, Chien-Hong On the finite difference approximation for a parabolic blow-up problem
Okada, Takuzo Nonrational weighted hypersurfaces
Guzzetti, Davide On the Sixth Painleve' Equation and its Asymptotic Solutions
Fukushima, Ryoki Brownian survival among pertuebed lattice traps
Yin Yin Su Win Unconditional uniqueness of the derivative nonlinear Schrodinger equation in energy space
Kishimoto, Nobu Low-regularity local well-posedness for quadratic nonlinear Schrodinger equations
Maeda, Masaya Symmetry breaking of the ground states of nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation
Ohashi, Hisanori Enriques quotients of Picard-general Jacobian Kummer surfaces