18th January (Sunday) 2004 -- 20th January (Tuesday) 2004

At Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University

Sunday Monday Tuesday
9:30-11:00 Zuk Wang Ollivier
11:30-13:00 Fujiwara Zuk Fujiwara
14:30-16:00 Wang Ollivier Zuk
16:30-18:00 Ollivier Fujiwara Wang


  • Qin Wang

    Coarse Geometry and $C^*$ algebras

  • Yann Ollivier

    Title 1,2: Random groups: basic techniques for hyperbolicity and phase transitions
    In the first talk we will give the main steps of the proof that hyperbolic groups are generic in the density model, and that depending upon the density of the presentation a transition phase occurs between infinite and trivial groups. In the second lecture we will show that hyperbolicity is stable for groups, with a critical density depending on spectral properties of hyperbolic groups.

    Title 3: Random groups: construction of Cayley graphs with expanders
    In this third talk we will give the main ideas of Gromov's construction of a group containing expanders, and describe how random groups can be used to get Cayley graphs of prescribed shapes.

  • Fujiwara Koji

    Topics in geometric group theory

  • Andrzej Zuk

    Topics in analysis and geometry on groups
    lecture 1: Property T
    lecture 2: Random groups and automata groups
    lecture 3: L^2 Betti numbers