21st Century COE Lecture     [photo]

Date : September 8 (Thu), 2005, 14:00--
Place : Room 402, RIMS
Lecturer: Ingo Waschkies (Univ. de Nice)
Title : Microlocal perverse sheaves on smooth Lagrangian manifolds
Abstract: [pdf] Let X be a complex manifold and \Lambda a smooth conic Lagrangian subvariety of T^*X. It is well known that the stack of regular holonomic microdifferential systems on \Lambda is equivalent to the stack of local systems twisted by \Omega_{\Lambda|X}^{\otimes \frac{1}{2}}. The topological analogue of regular holonomic microdifferential modules are called microlocal perverse sheaves, and these two stacks are equivalent via a microlocal Riemann Hilbert correspondance. In this talk we give a topological proof (that holds over any field) that the stack of microlocal perverse sheaves is equivalent to the stack of twisted local systems. Then we will explain some consequences to the theory of quantized contact transformations in microlocal sheaf theory.

Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University

Masaki Kashiwara

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