Bernoulli and self-destructive percolation on non-amenable graphs

Daniel Ahlberg (IMPA)
Vladas Sidoravicius (IMPA)
Johan Tykesson (IMPA)


In this note we study some properties of infinite percolation clusters on non-amenable graphs. In particular, we study the percolative properties of the complement  of infinite percolation clusters. An approach based on mass-transport is adapted to show that for a large class of non-amenable graphs, the graph obtained by removing each site contained in an infinite percolation cluster has critical percolation threshold which can be arbitrarily close to the critical threshold for the original graph, almost surely, as $p\searrow p_c$. Closely related is the self-destructive percolation process, introduced by J. van den Berg and R. Brouwer, for which we prove that an infinite cluster emerges for any small reinforcement.

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Pages: 1-6

Publication Date: July 12, 2014

DOI: 10.1214/ECP.v19-2611


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