Mixing under monotone censoring

Jian Ding (University of Chicago)
Elchanan Mossel (UC Berkeley)


We initiate the study of mixing times of Markov chain under monotone censoring. Suppose we have some Markov Chain $M$ on a state space $\Omega$ with stationary distribution $\pi$ and a monotone set $A \subset \Omega$. We consider the chain $M'$ which is the same as the chain $M$ started at some $x \in A$ except that moves of $M$ of the form $x \to y$ where $x \in A$ and $y \notin A$ are {\em censored} and replaced by the move $x \to x$. If $M$ is ergodic and $A$ is connected, the new chain converges to $\pi$ conditional on $A$. In this paper we are interested in the mixing time of the chain $M'$ in terms of properties of $M$ and $A$. Our results are based on new connections with the field of property testing. A number of open problems are presented.

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Pages: 1-6

Publication Date: July 20, 2014

DOI: 10.1214/ECP.v19-3157


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