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  • EOL Software
    Adobe Acrobat XI and Reader XI Oct.15.2017 EOL.
    Microsoft Office 2007 Oct.10.2017 EOL.
    Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Oct.10.2017 EOL.
    Microsoft Word Viewer Nov.2017 retired.
    see also.
    Apple OS X v10.10 Yosemite or older **EXPAND**
    Windows Vista, Windows XP, Office 2003 and Windows Server 2003 EOL.
    Do not connect to the network.
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4,5 **EXPAND**
    See also: this page

  • For RIMS members: Please take an information security e-Learning once a academic year. (Apr.18.2016)

    * The administrator never lead you to the page that requires entering your password on the ground of system maintenance.
    * The administrator never ask your password.

  • About P2P file sharing software: Please refrain from using the P2P file sharing software such as Winny, Share, BitTorrent, etc(*1).
    *1: Winny, Share, BitTorrent, BitComet, LimeWire, Cabos, WinMX, PerfectDark, Kazaa, eMule, Edonkey, Gnutella, etc.

  • SECURITY: Be careful: USB media virus: A lot of PC were infected by the computer virus via USB media (USB flash memory, USB hard disk, SD card, and so on ). Please keep your computer secure, please do not insert unreliable USB media into your PC, please do not insert your USB media into unreliable PC.

  • If you get your RIMS account after Apr.1.2007, spam filtering is enbaled by default. For the details: here


  • SECURITY: Update your Google Chrome. (Jun.14.2018)
                Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update ...

  • SECURITY: Update your Firefox. (Jun.14.2018)
                Vulnerabilities Information ...

  • SECURITY: Execute Microsoft Update. (Jun.14.2018)
                Vulnerabilities Information ...

  • SECURITY: Update your Adobe Flash Player. Updates of Windows8.1, 10 are released by Microsoft Update.
    Vulnerabilities Information ... (Jun.12.2018)
    ref. Version test for Adobe Flash Player

  • SECURITY: Update your Apple software. (Jun.12.2018)
                Vulnerabilities Information ...macOS, Safari, iOS

  • RECOVERED Jun.11(Mon.) 9:36am--9:39am: The wireless kurims in Bldg. No.15 is not available because of the software trouble, now it is available. (Jun.11.2018)

  • RECOVERING Because of the network trouble in Kyoto Univ., many information services are unavailable now. (May.24.2018.)

  • SECURITY: Update your Thunderbird. (May.23.2018)
                Vulnerabilities Information...

  • SECURITY: Update your Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat. Vulnerabilities Information ... (May.23.2018)

  • RECOVERED: The imaps server had been unstable.
    By the workaround, 3:40am, it starts to recover.
    We're sorry for causing so much trouble. (May.10.2018.)

  • SECURITY: Update your Java. (Apr.27.2018)
                Vulnerabilities Information ...
    In case of Windows: Go to [Control Panel] -> [Programs] -> [Java] -> [Update]tab -> [Update Now]button.

  • UNIX: RIMS UNIX System: The information of the common scanner at Bldg. No.15 is added. (Apr.25.2018)

  • UNIX: Printers : common printers at Research Bldg. No.15 are added. (Apr.3.2018)

  • RIMS WIRELESS The network key of 'kurims' has been updated at 9:00am. (Jan.4.2018)

  • UNIX: The path and time of the backup of public is changed.
    see. backup of public(rimsonly) (Nov.29.2017)

  • E-Journals: RIMS proxy configuration ( ) was updated. (Nov.14.2017)

  • UNIX: I want to use a newer TeX. (Jul.14.2017.)

  • RECOVERED: The ANNEX wireless has been unstable since Jan.1 9:00am, it is recovered at around 9:30am on Jan.4. (Jan.4.2017)

  • RIMS WIRELESS The network key of 'kurims' will be updated at 9:00am on Jan.4.2017.
    After Jan.4.2017, if your computer does not ask the network key, please forget or delete the 'kurims' wireless.

  • RIMS WIRELESS The wireless authentication "PLEASE GO TO ..." page will be shown automatically on iOS/macos(since Dec.21), Android/Windows(since Dec.27).
    * Please note some Android/Windows does not show automatically.

  • UNIX: Intel/PGI Compiler on Ubuntu servers were updated. (Nov.16.2016)
    see also. SOFTWARES LIST (rimsonly)

  • UNIX: The Mathematica on Ubuntu is upgraded to the version 11.0.1 (from 10.2). (Nov.7.2016)
    see also: Softwares List (in RIMS only)

  • UNIX: How to Export Plot in CLI math (rimsonly) (Oct.14.2016)

  • UNIX: "RIMS Adjusting Spam Filter" setting is available. (see. left side of this screen)
    You can change the threshold value and so on.
    see. SPAM filtering ... (rimsonly) (Oct.04.2016)

  • UNIX: Emacs default version is changed to the version 22 for the new user. (Sep.27.2016)

  • SECURITY: Uninstall your QuickTime for Windows. Apple ends support QuickTime for Windows. (Apr.21.2016)
                Vulnerabilities Information...

  • RIMS WIRELESS The network key of 'kurims' will be updated at 9:00am on Jan.4.2015. (Dec.28.2015)

  • UNIX: The Mathematica on Ubuntu(kirin,asahi,sapporo,kagome) are upgraded to the version 2015.1 (from 17.02). (Nov.18.2015)
    see also: Softwares List (in RIMS only)

  • UNIX: The Mathematica on Ubuntu(kirin,asahi,sapporo,kagome) are upgraded to the version 10.2 (from 10.0.2). (Nov.4.2015)

  • SECURITY: Update your PuTTY, and WinSCP. (Aug.23.2013)
                Vulnerabilities Information ...

  • SECURITY: Update your Ghostscript. (Sep.1.2010)

  • SECURITY: Update your xpdf. Vulnerabilities information ... (Oct.21.2009)

  • SECURITY: Update your xpdf, poppler. Vulnerabilities information ... (Apr.22.2009)

  • SECURITY: Please update or configure your ssh client software. See here for the details. (Jan.7.2009)

  • SECURITY: If you use ssh key(s) generated by Debian GNU/Linux, see, if your key(s) are vulnerable, please update them. (May.16.2008)

older annoouncements
* Some older security announcements still exist in the top page.