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  • SYSTEM STOP ANNOUNCEMENT : Because of a power cut and the maintenance, RIMS system will be stopped as follows. Nov.8.2015 (Sunday) 7:30am - 8:00pm NOTE: Because of the maintenance schedule, orion and Ubuntu computing servers (kirin, asahi, sapporo, kagome) will be available at about 9:00am on Nov.10(Tue.).

  • The security update for OS X v10.7 Lion or older is not released for a long time, so it seems to be unsupported, it has high security risks. Please upgrade. Finding the OS X version,   How to upgrade

  • The support for Windows XP, Office 2003 and Windows Server 2003 ended. Please upgrade till the expiration.

    * The administrator never lead you to the page that requires entering your password on the ground of system maintenance.
    * The administrator never ask your password.

  • For RIMS members: Please take an e-Learning on information security. (Nov.1.2013)

  • About P2P file sharing software: Please refrain from using the P2P file sharing software such as Winny, Share, BitTorrent, etc(*1).
    *1: Winny, Share, BitTorrent, BitComet, LimeWire, Cabos, WinMX, PerfectDark, Kazaa, eMule, Edonkey, Gnutella, etc.

  • SECURITY: Be careful: USB media virus: A lot of PC were infected by the computer virus via USB media (USB flash memory, USB hard disk, SD card, and so on ). Please keep your computer secure, please do not insert unreliable USB media into your PC, please do not insert your USB media into unreliable PC.

  • If you get your RIMS account after Apr.1.2007, spam filtering is enbaled by default. For the details: here


  • E-Journals: RIMS proxy configuration ( ) was updated. (Oct.8.2015)

  • SECURITY: Update your Apple software. (Oct.7.2015)
                Vulnerabilities Information ...OS X, Safari, iOS,

  • SECURITY: Update your Firefox. (Sep.30.2015)
                Vulnerabilities Information ...

  • SECURITY: Update your Adobe Flash Player. Updates of Windows8 and 8.1 are released by Microsoft Update.
    Vulnerabilities Information ... (Sep.24.2015)
    ref. Version test for Adobe Flash Player

  • SECURITY: Execute Microsoft Update. (Sep.9.2015)
                Vulnerabilities Information ...

  • SECURITY: Update your Java. (Jul.16.2015)
                Vulnerabilities Information ...
    In case of Windows: Go to [Control Panel] -> [Programs] -> [Java].

  • SECURITY: Update your Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat. Vulnerabilities Information ... (Jul.16.2015)

  • SECURITY: Update your Thunderbird. (Jul.16.2015)
                Vulnerabilities Information...

  • UNIX: Printing the pdf created by the printing menu of gedit fails with an error. (Apr.21.2015)

  • UNIX: The Mathematica on Ubuntu(kirin,asahi,sapporo,kagome) are upgraded to the version 10.0.2 (from 9.0.1). (Mar.25.2015)

  • RIMS WIRELESS The network key of 'kurims' was updated at 9:00am on Jan.5.2015. (Jan.5.2015)

  • RECOVERED: On Jul.24, browsing e-journals sites had been unavailable (timed out) on the RIMS UNIX terminals and ssh port forwarding. Now it works, is recovered. (Jul.25.2014)

  • I. RIMS AV Systems is published. (May.15.2014)

  • UNIX: New Ubuntu computing server kagome is available. (Apr.17.2014.)

  • RECOVERED: At 5:37pm on Mar.16, sapporo downed, at 10:00pm, sapporo rebooted. (Mar.17.2014)

  • RECOVERED: At 3:00pm on Mar.10, sapporo hanged up. At 9:00am on Mar.11, sapporo rebooted. (Mar.11.2014)

  • UNIX PC: The maximum sending/receiving e-mail message size is increased from 20MB to 25MB(same as Gmail). (Jan.29.2014)

  • UNIX: On Ubuntu(kirin,asahi,sapporo), MATLAB R2013b is available. Fot the details, see computing softwares list. (Nov.29.2013)

  • UNIX: Maple is upgraded to the version 17.02 from 16.02a. (Nov.21.2013)

  • UNIX: Maple is upgraded to the version 16.02a from 16.02. (Nov.20.2013)

  • UNIX: The Mathematica on Ubuntu(kirin,asahi,sapporo) are upgraded to the version 9.0.1 (from 8.0.4). (Nov.12.2013)

  • UNIX: Scan to searchable PDF (Sep.4.2013)

  • SECURITY: Update your PuTTY, and WinSCP. (Aug.23.2013)
                Vulnerabilities Information ...

  • UNIX: Macaulay2 version 1.6 is available in the Ubuntu computing servers . The older version 1.2 is available with the command: M2-1.2 (Jul.17.2013)

  • UNIX: LiE (2.2.2) is available. (Jul.17.2013)

  • SECURITY: Execute Microsoft Update. (Jul.10.2013)
                Vulnerabilities Information ...

  • UNIX: Xpdf is available. Reloading a pdf is possible.

  • The color printer hachi5 and scanner are available at Research Bldg. No.4. Rm:305.
    UNIX: Printers list (rimsonly), (Apr.17.2013)

  • SECURITY: Please beaware of a phising e-mail targeting KUMOI (Kyoto University Mail clOud Interface). For the details, see the following announcement page of Kyoto University.

  • UNIX: Maple is upgraded to the version 16.02 from 16.01. (Dec.21.2012)

  • UNIX: Ubuntu computing server kirin asahi sapporo that were in trouble since the maintenance on Nov.11, are available. (Nov.12.2012.)

  • UNIX: The User-agent string of mozilla/firefox was replaced from "SunOS" to "Linux" at general.useragent.override because KULINE does not support "SunOS" at present time. (Oct.26.2012)

  • UNIX: Maple is upgraded to the version 16.01 from 14.01. The older version 14.01 is available with the command maple-14 etc. (Sep.25.2012)

  • RECOVERED: Silicon had been unstable from 8:14pm on Aug.29.(Wed.) till this morning. Now it is restored. (Aug.30.2012)

  • UNIX: The Mathematica on Ubuntu(kirin,asahi), carrot hosts are upgraded to the version 8.0.4 (from 8.0.1). (Aug.28.2012)

  • RECOVERED: The kurims/RIMS wireless authentication had been in trouble that causes "could not connect to the server" error from 4:00pm on Jul.19. Now it is recovered. We are sorry causing the trouble. (Jul.20.2012)

  • UNIX: The TeX, tgif, gnuplot of UNIX was upgraded. (Mar.26.2012)
    see also: How to use TeX prior to May.26.2012 (How to use teTeX)(rimsonly)

  • RECOVERED: Mar.14 3:10am - 9:15am, the kurims wireless had been unavailable because of the trouble of the server. We are sorry for causing so much trouble.

  • UNIX: Gurobi Optimizer 4.6.1 is available.
    ref. The following computing softwares are available. (rimsonly) (Feb.21.2012)

  • SYSTEM CHANGE on Nov.6 :
    * From Nov.6, the outgoing mail from RIMS are sent through the spam check system of Kyoto Univ.

    * The special domain that bypasses the spam check system of Kyoto Univ. is not bypass it from Nov.6.

    * RIMS Mail Options was updated. The new options o "Do not forward MAILER-DAEMON messages" o "Vacation responder" are available.
    The "Vacation responder" does not respond to spam. Please use this page for the vacation responder, please refrain from using vacation command.

  • Wireless "kurims" is available at Research Bldg. No.2. (Dec.5.2011)

  • UNIX: Intel/PGI Compiler, MAGMA on Ununtu servers were updated. (Nov.25.2011)
    see also. SOFTWARES LIST (rimsonly)

  • The system maintenance on Nov.6.2011 had been finished.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • UNIX: The Mathematica on Ubuntu(kirin,asahi), carrot hosts are upgraded to the version 8.0.1 (from 8.0). (Jun.23.2011)

  • RECOVERED Browsing web sites had been slower since Apr.1 that the RIMS proxy was updated. Now this problem is mostly recovered. We continue to plan ways to improve the response. (Apr.5.2011)

  • UNIX: Mathematica 8 is available at the host kirin and asahi. (Mar.30.2011)
    See also this page (RIMS only).

  • RECOVERED: The RIMS servers had been unstable from Mar.16 1:07am to Mar.16 6:26am because of the system trouble. Now they are restored. We are sorry for causing so much trouble. (Mar.16.2011)

  • RECOVERED: The RIMS mail system had been unavailable about 8:35 - 9:10 on Mar.1.2011(Tue.) because of the system trouble. Now it is restored. We are sorry for causing so much trouble. (Mar.1.2011)

  • RECOVERED: The RIMS system had been unstable 4:45pm - 5:30pm on Feb.8.2010(Tue.) because of the system trouble. Now it is restored. We are sorry for causing so much trouble. (Feb.8.2010)

  • System Update The smtps, imaps services are opened for off-rims. (Jan.31.2011)
    Please see the 'Guide for off-RIMS' page for the details.

  • RECOVERED: UNIX: Since the maintenance on Nov.28, the usb devices are unavailable. We fixed this problem on Dec.6. (Dec.6.2010)

  • RECOVERED: UNIX: Since the maintenance on Nov.28, mozilla crashes after printing. We fixed this problem by upgrading mozilla to Seamonkey. Seamonkey has known problems (but these are minor problems). See here(rimsonly) for the details. NOTE: You can use the traditional Mozilla by the command old-mozilla. (Dec.6.2010)

  • RECOVERED: Orion was broken on Nov.28. It's recovered on Dec.1. Now orion is available. (Dec.6.2010)

  • System update on Nov.28
    Web server was updated. * click here for the details
    Mail server will be upgraded. * click here for the details
    UNIX terminal server silicon will be upgraded. * click here for the details

  • SECURITY: Update your Ghostscript. (Sep.1.2010)

  • UNIX: Ubuntu host 'asahi' is ready for your computing. See here for the spec details. (Aug.24.2010)

  • TROUBLE INFO [RECOVERED]: Orion had been unavailbale from Jul.20(Tue) 8:27pm to Jul.21(Wed) 8:47am because the system exhausted the system memory. Please use silicon if you use a lot of memory. Thank you for your cooperation. (Jul.21.2010)

  • UNIX: Now silicon and orion does not ask the terminal type when you logged in from Mac OS X. (Jul.12.2010)

  • UNIX: Adobe Flash Player of Mozilla/Firefox was updated. (Jun.15.2010)
    - Please note Flash of Mozilla has a trouble that will be unable to show some Flash contents.

  • SYSTEM INFO: The server certificates of the RIMS web servers were changed from GlobalSign Inc. to GeoTrust Inc.(Jun.14.2010)

  • TROUBLE INFO [RECOVERED]: Because of the network trouble, a part of RIMS network/server had been unstable since May 31th. On June 1st, the workaround has been implemented, now the RIMS network/server are stable. We continue to plan to find the final resolution to this issue. We are sorry for causing so much trouble. (Jun.2.2010)
    On Jun.3.2010, this problem had been fixed. (Jun.14.2010)

  • [trouble info]: Because of the trouble, silicon and orion had been unavailable about 10:20am - 10:30am on Apr.26.2010(Mon.). Now they are restored, we are sorry for causing so much trouble. (Apr.26.2010)

  • UNIX: [trouble info]: The direct PDF printing on UNIX (e.g. lpr -Pnaeba test.pdf) is unstable. This problem will ocuur at the DocuPrint C3250 printers - naeba, hiei, 4fpr, rokko, hachi4. We updated the firmware of these printers. This upgrading improves the problem, but some PDF files is still not printed. Please print from acroread when the direct PDF printing does not work. (Apr.14.2010)

  • SECURITY: Security update available for Adobe Download Manager. Vulnerabilities Information ... (Mar.4.2010)

  • Trouble info [recovered]: The maintenance of RIMS web mail on Dec.17 had been finished at 8:45am. We're sorry causing for the trouble. (Dec.17.2009)

  • Nov.27 8:52am : RIMS web proxy server software was updated. (Nov.27.2009)

  • UNIX: Mozilla/Firefox's Java Plugin was updated. (Nov.10.2009)
    The version of Mozilla's Java Plugin is upgraded to version 6 from version 1.5.

  • UNIX: Gedit was upgraded. (Nov.10.2009)

  • UNIX: The Sun Studio 12 compiler's cg and f95 commands were updated. (Oct.28.2009)

  • UNIX: Maple 13.01 is available on the Linux(Ubuntu) computing server. (Oct.23.2009)

  • UNIX: Maple was updated to the version 13.01. (Oct.23.2009)
    See also: RIMS UNIX system See also: I want to use old Maple

  • SECURITY: Update your xpdf. Vulnerabilities information ... (Oct.21.2009)

  • Oct.18 (Sunday) 7:30 - 19:00 : RIMS system had been stopped. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • UNIX: The Linux(Ubuntu) computing server is available. For the details, see here. (Oct.2.2009)

  • SECURITY: Update your Apple QuickTime, iTunes. (Oct.2.2009)
                Vulnerabilities information...

  • UNIX: Singular was updated. (Sep.14.2009)

  • UNIX: In case the Symbolic Math Toolbox is not available (Sep.7.2009)

  • UNIX: subversion was updated. (Aug.14.2009)
    UNIX: gccfss was updated. Older version is available (e.g. gccfss-420). (Aug.14.2009)

  • UNIX: REDUCE 3.7 had been unavailable since Jun.12. Now it is available. (Aug.10.2009)

  • UNIX: How to output graphics from the CUI Mathematica (Aug.7.2009)

  • SECURITY: For Microsoft Office 2000 Users: Product support lifecycle had been expired on Jul.14.2009. Please update your office. (Aug.4.2009)

  • SECURITY: Update your xpdf, poppler. Vulnerabilities information ... (Apr.22.2009)

  • SECURITY: Update your Microsoft Office 2000. Vulnerabilities Information ... (Apr.16.2009)

  • If you check the checkbox 'Refile the spam' setting,
    (NOTE: If you get your RIMS account after Apr.1.2007, it is enbaled by default.)
    for load reduction of the mail server, in case the checkbox 'Refile the spam' setting is checked, the RIMS SpamAssassin no longer process [K-Spam] messages. It will cause reduction of spam sample, it may cause depression of spam judgement of the RIMS SpamAssassin. This change will be restored when the mail server is replaced on this summer. Best regards, (Mar.5.2009)

  • SECURITY: Update Apple QuickTime (NOTE: iTunes includes QuickTime). (Feb.3.2009)

  • SECURITY: Please update or configure your ssh client software. See here for the details. (Jan.7.2009)

  • SECURITY: Update iTunes. (Oct.16.2008)

  • SECURITY: If you use ssh key(s) generated by Debian GNU/Linux, see, if your key(s) are vulnerable, please update them. (May.16.2008)

  • Replacing RIMS computer facilities on Mar.2006