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Research Activities

What is Mathematical Science?

Many problems raised in academic fields such as natural science and social science require mathematical approaches. Some of them cannot be resolved with existing mathematical methods, thereby demanding the development of new methods and creation of new theories. For instance, the development of calculus to solve problems in mechanics is a remarkable example in history. New such methods and theories originated in physics and engineering have gone behind the resolution of initial problems and have been reborn and developed as new general theories in mathematics, which have found applications in other fields. Mathematical Science is the field promoting such research.

Vision and Goal of Our Research

The mission of Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS) is to serve as a center of international research in mathematics and mathematical science and reinforce its functions.
The members of RIMS are conducting a wide range of research from fundamental to applications, whose research topics are closely interrelated and their interactions lead to creation of new research areas. RIMS is the only center in Japan for joint usage and joint research concerning mathematical sciences. The institute conducts collaboration activities including workshops and seminars and hosts about 4,000 researchers every year. As part of joint usage/research activities RIMS organizes international research projects on selected research themes for each year, which have yielded several research outputs and provided opportunities for young researchers. These joint usage/research activities, run by the Advisory Board in which external members hold a majority, are selected from publicly solicited proposals via objective assessment.

Publications of Research Results

Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences is an internationally recognized periodical academic journal which receives many contributions from overseas. RIMS Kôkyûroku publishes the results of joint research/usage activities. Since 2007, RIMS publishes a new series of Lecture Notes called "Kôkyûroku Bessatsu", which are special issues of RIMS Kôkyûroku. RIMS Letter is electronically distributed twice a year for promoting the publicity of activities at RIMS.
Since 1976 RIMS organize Introductory Public Lectures once a year, which introduces modern mathematics to general audience including high school students as well as senior citizens. The lecture notes of previous lectures are available from the RIMS web site.



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