SAITO, Kyoji

Name SAITO, Kyoji
Position Professor Emeritus
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Kyoji Saito is working on complex analytic geometry. The main subject is the study of period maps associated to the primitive forms. The differential geometric study of the domain of the period maps leads to the flat structure, which is also called the Frobenius manifold structure and is studied in connection with mirror symmetry.
  The topological study of the domain leads to a study of braid groups, Artin groups and related Eilenberg-Maclane spaces.
  In order to study the primitive forms, target spaces of the period maps and its inversion maps globally, he introduced the generalized root systems, associated Lie algebras and their highest weight representation theory (of non Kac-Moody type). Particularly, the elliptic Lie algebras are studied in details.
  All these studies should be reformulated in a categorical framework, where one understands the mirror symmetry naturally. The rewiting is in progress (jointly work with A. Takahashi).