Staff -TAKEI, Yoshitsugu-

Name TAKEI, Yoshitsugu
Position Associate Professor
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Yoshitsugu Takei is working on differential equations, particularly on the exact WKB analysis of linear and nonlinear differential equations. In collaboration with T. Aoki (Kinki Univ.), T. Kawai (RIMS) and T. Koike (Kobe Univ.), he has succeeded in describing the monodromic structure of second order Fuchsian equations through the exact WKB analysis, discovered the exact steepest descent method, and constructed the framework of the exact WKB analysis for Painlev\'e equations. His current interest consists in extending the exact WKB analysis to more general equations such as difference equations and completely integrable systems of differential equations, and also in obtaining an explicit description for the resurgent-analytical structure of WKB-type formal solutions of linear differential equations as well as of Painlev\'e equations.