Staff -YASUDA, Seidai-

Name YASUDA, Seidai
Position Assistant Professor
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Seidai Yasuda is working on the theory of L-functions of arithmetic algebraic varieties. Especially he is interested in the relation between Bloch-Kato conjecture and the ramification theory of arithmetic varieties. He has constructed epsilon constants for local Galois representations with a wide range of coefficient rings, and is trying to generalize the theory to p-adic coefficient cases. He also studies the arithmetic of Drinfeld modular varieties. In collaboration with Satoshi Kondo (RIMS), he established a higher dimensional analogue of the work of Beilinson which relates a regulator map on elliptic modular curves with a special value of L-functions of elliptic modular forms. As an application, a description of motivic cohomology groups of elliptic curves over function fields is obtained.