Workshop on Categories, Logic and Computation

28 July 2011, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University

(Venue: Room 478, General Research Building No.2, Kyoto University)

Programme (Tentative)

10:00-10:40Naohiko Hoshino (Kyoto University)
A Modified GoI Interpretation for a Linear Functional Programming Language and Its Adequacy
11:00-11:40Craig Pastro (Kyushu University)
Complementing Comonads
(lunch break)
13:30-14:30Robin Cockett (University of Calgary)
Differential Categories
15:00-15:40Masahiro Hamano (JST)
A Polarized Int Construction
16:00-16:40Shin-ya Katsumata (Kyoto University)
Relating Computational Effects by TT-Lifting
17:00-17:40Ryu Hasegawa (University of Tokyo)
A Categorical Reduction System and Its Properties


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