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JSPS Research Fellow (PD) at RIMS, Kyoto University

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Papers (Refereed)

(with Noam Berger and Chiranjib Mukherjee) Quenched large deviations for simple random walks on percolation models including long-range correlations, to appear in Communications in Mathematical Physics. pdf

Enlargement of subgraphs of infinite graphs by Bernoulli percolation, Indagationes Mathematicae 28, (2017) 832-853. pdf

On regularity for de Rham's functional equations, Aequationes Mathematicae 90 (2016) 1071-1085. pdf

A new generalization of the Takagi function, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 434 (2016) 652-679. pdf

Random sequences with respect to a measure defined by two linear fractional transformations, Theory of Computing Systems 57 (2015) 226-237. pdf

On the range of random walk on graphs satisfying a uniform condition, ALEA, Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics 11 (2014) 341-357. pdf

On the range of self-interacting random walks on an integer interval, Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics 38 (2014) 123-135. pdf

Singularity results for functional equations driven by linear fractional transformations, Journal of Theoretical Probability 27 (2014) 1316-1328. pdf

Proceedings (Refereed)

Enlargement of subgraphs of infinite graphs by Bernoulli percolation : A summary, RIMS K^oky^uroku Bessatsu B59: Stochastic Analysis on Large Scale Interacting Systems July, 2016 227-236


Hausdorff dimensions for graph-directed self-similar measures driven by infinite rooted trees, arXiv:1703.03934

Unions of random walk and percolation on infinite graphs, arXiv:1611.04095

Large deviations for simple random walk on percolations with long-range correlations, arXiv:1308.2282.

Last Update: 24 October 2017