Yasutaka Ihara   (˸δ

Professor Emeritus; retired from RIMS, Kyoto University, on March 31, 2002.
Recent Articles
  1. ``Some density functions and their Fourier transforms arising from number theory''; in RIMS Kokyuroku 1590 (2008) ``Number Theory and Probability Theory'' (H. Sugita ed.), 28-42.
    [pdf file 6A]
  2. (with Kohji Matsumoto) ``On $L$-functions over function fields: Power-means of error-terms and distribution of $L'/L$-values''; in ``Algebraic Number Theory and Related Topics 2008'', RIMS Kokyuroku Bessatsu B19(2010), 221-247.
    [pdf file 7A]
  3. (with Kohji Matsumoto) ``On the value-distribution of $\log L$ and $L'/L''$; (A survey article) (2009); in: New directions in value-distribution theory of zeta and L-functions, Proc. Würzburg Conf. 2008, Shaker Verlag (2009), 85-97.
    [pdf file 8A]
  4. (with Kohji Matsumoto) ``On certain mean values and the value-distribution of logarithms of Dirichlet $L$-functions''; Preprint RIMS-1666, April 2009, to appear in Quarterly J. Math., doi:10.1093/qmath/haq002.
    [pdf file 9A]
  5. (with Kohji Matsumoto) ``On $\log L$ and $L'/L$ for $L$-functions and the associated ``$M$-functions'': Connections in optimal cases''; Preprint RIMS-1667, April 2009, to appear in Moscow Math. J.
    [pdf file 10A]
  6. ``On certain arithmetic functions $\tilde{M}$($s; z_{1}, z_{2}$) associated with global fields: analytic properties''; Preprint RIMS-1685, December 2009, to appear in Publ. RIMS, 47-1.
    [pdf file 11A]
  7. (with Kohji Matsumoto) ``On the value-distribution of logarithmic derivatives of Dirichlet L-functions''; Preprint RIMS-1711, January 2011.
    [pdf file 12A]