***General Information 

This symposium is intended to be the biggest meeting in the RIMS International Research Project with the same title through the academic year April 2002 - March 2003. 
The symposium will include three topics: Stochastic Analysis, Markov process, Mathematical Finance.
It will also include a special ceremonial session to celebrate 
"Beiju" (the 88th birthday) of Professor Kiyosi Itô.

* Place
4 (Wed) - 6 (Fri) :  Room 420, RIMS, Kyoto University
7 (Sat) :  Room E, Kyoto International Conference Hall

* Reception
There will be a reception of the conference in the evening of 7th of September
at Kyoto International Conference Hall.  
For the registration of the reception, please click "Registration".  

* Financial Support 
Since our budget is very tight, we are afraid to say that it is very difficult to support neither the travel expenses nor the local expenses of the participants in the symposium. 

* Invitation letter 
Participants who need an official invitation letter should 
send a brief CV together with your postal mail address to 
(with Subject: invitation letter) 
FAX   +81-75-753-7266 
SEPO   of Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences 
Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8502, JAPAN. 

* Further information 
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