RIMS International Project Research 2007

Conference on Symplectic Geometry

Organizers:   K. Fukaya (Kyoto), K. Ono (Sapporo), H. Ohta (Nagoya)

Date:   July 23 -- July 27, 2007

Place :   Room 420, RIMS, Kyoto University

  Monday 23
2 pm Viterbo (Polytechnique)
4 pm Nishinou(Tohoku)
Correspondences between tropical and holomorphic curves
  Tuesday 24
10 am Frauenfelder (Munchen)
Compactness of flow lines for Rabinowitz's action functional on very negative line bundles
11:30 am Moriyama (Osaka)
Asymptotically holomorphic embeddings of presymplectic manifolds into projective spaces
2:30 pm Lee (Purdue)
The "HMT" Floer homologies and a filtrated connected-sum formula
4:00 pm Nohara (Tohoku)
Projective embeddings and Lagrangian fibrations of Abelian varieties and Kummer varieties
  Wednesday 25
10 am Auroux (MIT)
Mirror symmetry in the complement of an anticanonical divisor
11:30 am Iritani (Kyushu)
Mirror symmetry and crepant resolution conjecture
free afternoon
  Thursday 26
10 am Cielibak (Munchen)
A note on Reeb dynamics on the tight 3-sphere
11:30 am Konno (Tokyo)
Geometry of hyperkahler quotients
2:30 pm Paternain (Cambridge)
Magnetic flows on Sol-manifolds: dynamical and symplectic aspects
4:00pm Shimada (Sapporo)
Fundamental groups of complements of dual varieties in Grassmannian
  Friday 27
10 am Welschinger (Ecole Normale, Lyon)
Effective classes and Lagrangian tori in symplectic four-manifolds
11:30 am Ishikawa (Sapporo)
Local classification of parametric Lagrangian varieties