Chinese speakers

Zhong-Zhi Bai (Chinese Academy of Sciences),

Nearly optimal block preconditioners for saddle point linear systems



Jin-ru Chen (Nanjing Normal University),

A BDDC Algorithm for the Mortar-type Rotated Q1 FEM for Elliptic Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients



Jin Cheng (Fudan Univesrity),

Regularization and Inverse Problems for PDE



Hua Dai (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics),

Optimal approximation of matrix pencil with constraints



Hongxing Rui (Shandong University),

Numerical methods for some coupled flow model in porous media



Zhong-Ci Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences),
Studies On Wilson Nonconforming Finite Element

Zhi-jian Yang (Wuhan University),

Multi-scale modeling and simulation of crystalline solids



Japanese speakers

Hiroshi Kanayama (Kyushu University),

Tsunami Computation Using the Viscous Shallow-Water Equations



Takayasu Matsuo (University of Tokyo),
Stabilizing linearly-implicit schemes for dissipative equations 



Takashi Sakajo (Hokkaido University),

Point Vortex Dynamics in Multiply Connected Domains---Theory and Applications



Tomohiro Sogabe (Aichi Prefectural University),

Numerical methods for generalized shifted linear systems with complex symmetric matrices



Hiroshi Suito (Okayama University),

Vortical flow related to aortic aneurysms



Karel Svadlenka (Kanazawa University),

A numerical scheme for constrained motion of multiple interfaces



Nobito Yamamoto (University of Electro-Communications),

Numerical Verification of Closed Orbits in Dynamical Systems



Korean speakers

Jeongwhan Choi (Korea University),

Subcritical surface waves over an obstruction



Youngmok Jeon (Ajou University), 

A locally conservative multiscale method for elliptic problemswith oscillating coefficients



Do Wan Kim (Inha University),

Impinging wall jet with the symmetric nozzle of arbitrary shape



Kwang-Yeon Kim (Kangwon National University),

Flux reconstruction for low-order nonconforming finite element methods



Seungil Kim (Kyughee University), 
Complete radiation boundary conditions for of the convected Helmholtz equation  with a uniform mean flow in a waveguide



June-Yub Lee (Ewha University), 
A direct integral equation method for quasi-periodic scattering problems with multiple material interfaces



Chunjae Park (Konkuk University),

Divergence-free $P_1$-nonconforming space on square grids