May 31


9:30—10:00   Takashi Kako (Univ. Electro-Communications, President of JSIAM)

Resonant eigenvalues in wave propagation phenomena and its applications


10:10—10:40  Rolf Jeltsch  (ETH Zurich)

Modeling and Simulation in Science and Engineering 


10:50—11:20  Alistair Fitt (Oxford Brookes University)

Reversing Interfaces in Reaction Diffusion Equations


                Lunch (11:20——13:45)
13:45—14:15  Tatsuaki Okamoto (NTT, Former President of JSIAM)
An advanced notion of cryptosystems from bilinear maps
14:2014:50  Yoshimasa Nakamura  (Kyoto University) 
Application of integrable discrete hungry systems to nonsymmetric matrix
eigenvalue algorithms  
14:55—15:25 Hoang The Dung & Phung Dinh Thuc (Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group), 
Tong Dinh Quy  & Le Hung Son (Hanoi Univ. Sci. Tech.), 
Some application-oriented in mathematics to study for fractured reservoirs 
modeling and simulation in Vietnam 
15:25—15:45  break
15:45—16:15  Ichiro Hagiwara (Meiji University, Former President of JSIAM)
Origami Engineering Based on Geometry and Computer Science
16:20—16:50  Mario Primicerio  (Universite Edegli Studi di Firenze) 
Acid mine drainage remediation

               June 1


9:30—10:00 Junkichi Satsuma  (Aoyama Gakuin University, Former President of JSIAM)

Analysis on ultradiscrete systems 


10:10—10:40  Pammy Manchanda  (Guru Nanak Dev University) &

Abul Hasan Siddiqi  (Sharda University)

Wavelet Methods in Data Mining 


10:50—11:20 Alain Damlamian  (Universite Paris-Est Creteil Val de Marne)

Periodic homogenization for the resistivity well-logging and related problems 


11:30—12:00  Youngmok Jeon  (Ajou University)

New conservative finite element schemes for PDEs 


             Lunch (12:00—13:45)


13:45—14:15  Chang-Ock Lee  (KAIST)

A two-level nonoverlapping Schwarz algorithm for the Stokes problem 


14:20—14:50  Zhiming Chen  (Chinese Academy of Sciences) 
The Adaptive Anisotropic PML Method for Time-harmonic Acoustic and
Electromagnetic Scattering Problems


14:55—15:25  Pingwen Zhang  (Peking University)

Numerical Methods of Quasicrystals


15:25—15:40  break


15:40—16:10 Ian H. Sloan  (University of New South Wales)

Multiscale approximation with compactly supported radial basis functions


16:20—16:50  Helena Nussenzveig Lopes  (Federal University of Rio

de Janeiro)

Stability of two-dimensional viscous incompressible flows under three- dimensional perturbations and inviscid symmetry breaking