"Symplectic Geometry"

Date: June 28, 1999 --- July 2, 1999
Place: Room 420 ,RIMS, Kyoto University

June 28 (Mon)
13:00--14:30 Claude Viterbo (Univ. Paris)
Symplectic topology and Real Algebraic geometry
14:30--15:30 S. Izumiya (Hokkaido Univ.)
Generating families of developable surfaces in \R^3
16:00--17:00 D.Salamon (ETH, Zurich)
J-holomorphic curves and moment maps

June 29 (Tue)
10:00--11:00 Wang Honggyu (Singapore national Univ.)
On irreducibility of closed symplectic 4 manifolds
11:30--12:30 Y.G.Oh (Wisconsin Univ.)
Quantization of Eilenberg-Steenrod axioms via Fary functors
14:30--15:30 A. Yoshioka (Sci. Univ. of Tokyo)
Deformation quantizationand Weyl manifold
16:00--17:00 A.Givental (Univ. of California, Berkeley)
Some problems of quantum K-theory

June 30 (Wed)
10:00--11:00 P.Biran (Stanford Univ.)
Geometry of subcritical symplectic manifolds
11:30--12:30 H. Konno (Tokyo Univ.)
Cohomology rings of toric hyperK\"aler manifolds

July 1 (Thu)
10:00--11:00 R.Thomas (Oxford Univ.)
Mirror symmetry and braid group actions in symplectic & algebraic geometry
11:30--12:30 Tadashi Tokieda (Illinois University, Urbana)
Relative equilibria and periodic orbits in symmetric hamiltonian systems
14:30--15:30 Ko Honda (Duke University)
The classification of tight contact structures on (simple) 3-manifolds
16:00--17:00 Keizo Hasegawa (Niigata University)
A class of compact Kaehlerian solvmanifolds and a general conjecture

July 2 (Fri)
10:00--11:00 S. Hosono (Tokyo Univ.)
Gromov-Witten invariants (g>1) and quasi-modular forms from holomorphic anomaly equation
11:30--12:30 Y.Eliashberg (Stanford Univ.)
A partial order on the group of contact transformations

There might be one or two informal additional talks in Friday afternoon.