Workshop "Integrable systems and algebraic geometry"
      January 17-21, 2000  at  RIMS, Kyoto University

Date and time: Jan.17 (Mon) 13:30〜 Jan.20 (Thu) 16:00
      (Jan. 21 : discussion)

Place: Room 202 of RIMS

     10:00~11:30       13:00~14:30     15:00~16:30
17   none              Shimizu*        Polishchuk 1
18   Getzler           Polishchuk 2    Bottacin
19   Behrend           TBA             TBA
20   Takasaki          Sasaki          Raina
21   discussion~

* --- 13:30~14:30 (On Jan.17, the workshop starts at 13:30.)
NB. Program may change.


Yuji Shimizu (Dept. of Math., Kyoto Univ.)
Virasoro algebra and Poisson geometry

Francesco Bottacin (RIMS and Padova)
On a generalization of Hitchin's integrable system

Ezra Getzler (RIMS and Northwestern)
Frobenius manifolds in higher genus and bihamiltonian structures in
formal variational calculus

Alexander Polishchuk (Boston Univ.)
1. A-infinity structures on elliptic curves
2. Prehomogeneous vector spaces over finite fields

Kai Behrend (RIMS and Univ. of British Columbia)
DeRham cohomology of stacks

Kanehisa Takasaki (Faculty of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto Univ.)
Elliptic Calogero-Moser systems and Lax pairs with spectral  

Ryu Sasaki (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto Univ.)
Calogero-Moser Models : Supersymmetry and Quantum Lax Pair

Ashok Raina (Tata, Bombay)
W-geometry and the Operator Product Expansion

Organizers: Yuji Shimizu (Dept. of Math., Kyoto Univ.)

Francesco Bottacin (RIMS and Univ. Padova, Italy)

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