Contents (Volume 31) (1995)

  1. Ikuo Satake, Automorphisms of the extended affine root system and modular property for the flat theta invariants, 1
  2. Toshiki Murakami and Sigeru Yamagami, On types of quasifree representations of Clifford algebras, 33
  3. Ioan M. James, Fibrewise compactly-generated spaces, 45
  4. Philippe Biane, Representations of unitary groups and free convolution, 63
  5. Shinichi Mochizuki, On semi-positivity and filtered Frobenius crystals, 81
  6. Larry Baggett, Alan Carey, William Moran and Peter Ohring, General existence theorems for orthonormal wavelets, an abstract approach, 95
  7. Hiroshi Tsunogai, On some derivations of Lie algebras related to Galois representations, 113
  8. Hisao Yoshihara, Quotients of abelian surfaces, 135
  9. Masaharu Morimoto, Equivariant surgery theory: Construction of equivariant normal maps, 145
  10. Frank Hansen and Gert K. Pedersen, Perturbation formulas for traces on C*-algebras, 169
  11. Gerard Duchamp, Daniel Krob, Alain Lascoux, Bernard Leclerc, Thomas Scharf and Jean-Yves Thibon, Euler-Poincare characteristic and polynomial representations of Iwahori-Hecke algebras, 179
  12. Akio Tamagawa, The Eisenstein quotient of the Jacobian variety of a Drinfeld modular curve, 203
  13. Simon Ruijsenaars, Action-angle maps and scattering theory for some finite-dimensional integrable systems III. Sutherland type systems and their duals, 247
  14. Sinichi Mochizuki, The geometry of the compactification of the Hurwitz scheme, 355
  15. Todor Gramchev and Masafumi Yoshino, WKB analysis to global solvability and hypoellipticity, 443
  16. Parameswaran Sankaran and P. Vanchinathan, Small resolutions of Schubert varieties and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials, 465
  17. Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, Classification of paragroup actions on subfactors, 481
  18. Carl Winslow, The flow of weights in subfactor theory, 519
  19. Takashi Watanabe, The Chern character of the symmetric space EI, 533
  20. Luigi Accardi, Alberto Frigerio and Yun G. Lu, The quantum weak coupling limit (II): Langevin equation and finite temperature case, 545
  21. Le Van Thanh and Mutsuo Oka, Estimation of the number of the critical values at infinity of a polynomial function $f:C^2 \rightarrow C$, 577
  22. Yasuhiro Hara, Circle actions and higher elliptic genera, 599
  23. Satoshi Goto, Symmetric flat connections, triviality of Loi's invariant and orbifold subfactors, 609
  24. Yuan-Chuan Li and Sen-Yen Shaw, Hermitian and positive C-semigroups on Banach spaces, 625
  25. Soichiro Katayama, Global existence for systems of nonlinear wave equations in two space dimensions, II, 645
  26. Nobuaki Obata, Generalized quantum stochastic processes on Fock space, 667
  27. Alain Henaut, Systemes differentiels, nombre de Castelnuovo et rang des tissus de $C^n$, 703
  28. Masaharu Kusuda, Norm additivity conditions for normal linear functionals on von Neumann algebras, 721
  29. Katsuhiro Komiya, Equivariant K-theory and maps between representation spheres, 725
  30. Hiroyuki Chihara, Global existence of small solutions to semilinear Schrodinger equations with gauge invariance, 731
  31. Martin Proksch, Georg Reents and Stephen J. Summers, Quadratic representations of the canonical commutation relations, 755
  32. Gunther Hormann and Christian D. Jakel, Galilei invariant molecular dynamics, 805
  33. Soon-Yeong Chung and Dohan Kim, Distributions with exponential growth and Bochner-Schwartz theorem for Fourier hyperfunctions, 829
  34. Jun-ichi Yoshida, On the geometry of differential equations associated with the theta-zerovalue, 847
  35. Vyjayanthi Chari, Minimal affinizations of representations of quantum groups: the rank 2 case, 873
  36. Alexandre I. Danilenko, The topological structure of Polish groups and groupoids of measure space transformations, 913
  37. Huzihiro Araki, Kalyan B. Sinha and Viakalathur S. Sunder, On boundedness and | \cdot |_p continuity of second quantisation, 941
  38. Tsuneyo Yamanoshita, On the group of $S^1$-equivariant homeomorphisms of the 3-Sphere, 953
  39. Harutaka Koseki and Takayuki Oda, Whittaker functions for the large discrete series representations of $SU(2,1)$ and related zeta integrals, 959
  40. Masaharu Taniguchi, A remark on singular perturbation methods via the Lyapunov-Schmidt reduction, 1001
  41. Klaus Thomsen, Traces, unitary characters and crossed products by ${\Bbb Z}$, 1011
  42. Angelina Chin, The cohomology rings of some p-groups, 1031
  43. Haruo Minami, On the K-theory of the projective symplectic groups, 1045
  44. Motoo Uchida, A generalization of Bochner's tube theorem in elliptic boundary value problems, 1065
  45. Jan Boman, Microlocal quasianalyticity for distributions and ultradistributions, 1079
  46. Shuichi Tsukuda, Notes on the group of $S^1$ equivariant homeomorphisms, 1097
  47. Hiroshi T. Ito, High-energy behavior of the scattering amplitude for a Dirac operator, 1107
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