Contents (Volume 32) (1996)

  1. Masaki Kashiwara, Quantization of contact manifolds, 1
  2. Lloyd Humberstone, Classes of valuations closed under operations Galois-dual to boolean sentence connectives, 9
  3. Fabio Bagarello and Camillo Trapani, CQ*-algebras: Structure properties, 85
  4. Paul J. McCann and Alan L. Carey, A discrete model of the integer quantum hall effect, 117
  5. Dae Hyeon Pahk and Byung Keun Sohn, On the solvability of convolution equations in Beurling's distributions, 157
  6. Kaoru Morisugi and Hideaki Oshima, Cohomology classification of self maps of sphere bundles over spheres, 163
  7. Marie-Therese Aimar, Abdelkader Intissar and Jean-Martin Paoli, Criteres de completude des vecteurs propres generalises d'une classe d'operateurs non auto-adjoints compacts ou a resolvante compacte et applications, 191
  8. Takeshi Suzuki, Differential equations associated to the $SU(2)$ WZNW model on elliptic curves, 207
  9. Nanhua Xi, Irreducible modules of quantized enveloping algebras at roots of 1, 235
  10. Kiyoshi Takeuchi, Binormal deformation and bimicrolocalization, 277
  11. Brian Jefferies, The Feynman representation for the Dirac propagator with a radially symmetric potential, 323
  12. Takahiro Hayashi, Compact quantum groups of face type, 351
  13. Marie Choda, Reduced free products of completely positive maps and entropy for free product of automorphisms, 371
  14. Yoshimi Shitanda, Cancellation and non cancellation phenomena for infinite complexes, 383
  15. Kiyoshi Mochizuki and Hideo Nakazawa, Energy decay and asymptotic behavior of solutions to the wave equations with linear dissipation, 401
  16. David Pask and Iain Raeburn, On the K-theory of Cuntz-Krieger algebras, 415
  17. Hiroyuki Chihara, The initial value problem for cubic semilinear Schrodinger equations, 445
  18. Minoru Matsuda, On localized weak precompactness in Banach spaces, 473
  19. Keiichi Watanabe, An application of orthoisomorphisms to non-commutative $L^p$-isometries, 493
  20. Ataru Fujii and Masahito Ohta, Asymptotic behavior of blow-up solutions of a parabolic equation with the p-Laplacian, 503
  21. Sergey L. Gefter, Outer automorphism group of the ergodic equivalence relation generated by translations of dense subgroup of compact group on its homogeneous space, 517
  22. Hideshi Yamane, The essential singularity of the solution of a ramified characteristic Cauchy problem, 539
  23. Hideki Kurose and Hiroshi Nakazato, Geometric construction of *-representations of the Weyl algebra with degree 2, 555
  24. Masaharu Arai and Jun Uchiyama, Growth order of eigenfunctions of Schrodinger operators with potentials admitting some integral conditions I ---General theory---, 581
  25. Masaharu Arai and Jun Uchiyama, Growth order of eigenfunctions of Schrodinger operators with potentials admitting some integral conditions II ---Applications---, 617
  26. Hiroaki Shimomura, Canonical representations generated by translationally quasi-invariant measures, 633
  27. Karma Dajani and Anthony Dooley, The mean ratio set for $ax + b$ valued cocycles, 671
  28. Masatoshi Iida, Spherical functions of the principal series representations of $Sp(2,R)$ as hypergeometric functions of $C_2$-type, 689
  29. Gerald Hofmann, On algebraic #-cones in topological tensor algebras II. Closed hulls and extremal rays, 729
  30. Tirthankar Bhattacharyya, On tuples of commuting compact operators, 785
  31. Shi-shyr Roan, Picard groups of hypersurfaces in toric varieties, 797
  32. Ichiro Shimada, Picard-Lefschetz theory for the universal coverings of complements to affine hypersurfaces, 835
  33. Masatake Miyake and Masafumi Yoshino, Necessary conditions for Fredholmness of partial differential operators of irregular singular type, 929
  34. Shinichi Mochizuki, A theory of ordinary p-adic curves, 957
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