Contents (Volume 33) (1997)

  1. Michael Kapovich and John J. Millson, Hodge theory and the art of paper folding, 1
  2. Akihiko Gyoja, Theory of prehomogeneous vector spaces, II, a supplement, 33
  3. Vikas Bist and Harkrishan L. Vasudeva, Second order perturbation bounds, 59
  4. Nobutada Nakanishi, Poisson cohomology of plane quadratic poisson structures, 73
  5. Christian Fronsdal, Generalization and exact deformations of quantum groups, 91
  6. Alexander Schmidt, On p-adic zeta-functions associated to the positive topology of algebraic number fields, 151
  7. Shigeo Tarama, Local uniqueness in the Cauchy problem for second order elliptic equations with non-lipschitzian coefficients, 167
  8. Nobuya Sato, Fourier transform for paragroups and its application to the depth two case, 189
  9. Takashi Kumagai, Short time asymptotic behaviour and large deviation for Brownian motion on some affine nested fractals, 223
  10. Wolf-Dieter Heinrichs, Topological tensor products of unbounded operator algebras on Frechet domains, 241
  11. Kenji Taniguchi, On uniqueness of commutative rings of Weyl group invariant differential operators, 257
  12. Jintai Ding and Tetsuji Miwa, Quantum current operators - I. Zeros and poles of quantum current operators and the condition of quantum integrability, 277
  13. Jintai Ding and Boris Feigin, Quantum current operators - II. Difference equations of quantum current operators and quantum parafermion construction, 285
  14. Kyoji Saito and Tadayoshi Takebayashi, Extended affine root systems III (Elliptic Weyl groups), 301
  15. Kiichi Nishiuchi, A note on the approximation entropies of certain shifts, 331
  16. Senjo Shimizu, Scattering theory for elastic wave propagation problems in perturbed stratified media II, 341
  17. Yumiko Umezu, Normal quintic surfaces which are birationally Enriques surfaces, 359
  18. Yukinobu Adachi, On the relation between tautly imbedded space modulo an analytic subset S and hyperbolically imbedded space modulo S, 385
  19. Richard Pink, The Mumford-Tate conjecture for Drinfeld-modules, 393
  20. De-Qi Zhang, Normal algebraic surfaces with trivial tricanonical divisors, 427
  21. Frank Hansen, Operator convex functions of several variables, 443
  22. Emmanuel Paul, Connectedness of the fibers of a Liouvillian function, 465
  23. Jan F. van Diejen, On certain multiple Bailey, Rogers and Dougall type summation formulas, 483
  24. Atusi Tani and Takahiro Nishiyama, Solvability of equations for motion of a vortex filament with or without axial flow, 509
  25. Yohei Komori, Semialgebraic description of Teichm{\"u}ller space, 527
  26. Valery Vedernikov, A family of rank-2 mathematical instanton bundles on $P_3$, 573
  27. Susumu Yamazaki, Goursat problem for a microdifferential operator of Fuchsian type and its application, 599
  28. Claude Sabbah, Monodromy at infinity and Fourier transform, 643
  29. Luca Baracco and Giuseppe Zampieri, Analytic discs attached to manifolds with boundary, 687
  30. Akihito Hora, The cut-off phenomenon for random walks on Hamming graphs with variable growth conditions, 695
    Errata: Frank Hansen, A correction to: ``Operator convex functions of several variables'', 711
  31. Hong-Yu Wang, The exactness theorem for Floer homology, 713
  32. Carlos Menezes, An upper bound for the characteristic variety of an induced ${\cal D}$-module, 751
  33. Tatsuo Nishitani, Strongly hyperbolic systems of maximal rank, 765
  34. Tadato Matsuzawa, Gevrey hypoellipticity for Grushin operators, 775
  35. Hideshi Yamane, Nonlinear singular first order partial differential equations whose characteristic exponent takes a positive integral value, 801
  36. Kimio Ueno and Michitomo Nishizawa, Multiple gamma functions and multiple $q$-gamma functions, 813
  37. Tatsuya Akasaka and Masaki Kashiwara, Finite-dimensional representations of quantum affine algebras, 839
  38. Reinhard Honegger and Alfred Rieckers, Squeezing of optical states on the CCR-algebra, 869
  39. Christophe Mourougane, Images directes de fibr{\'e}s en droites adjoints, 893
  40. Tiberiu Constantinescu and Aurelian Gheondea, Representations of hermitian kernels by means of Kre{\u\i}n spaces, 917
  41. Yutaka Saburi, A complex analytic study on the theory of Fourier series on compact Lie groups, 953
  42. Hiroaki Shimomura, 1-cocycles for rotationally invariant measures, 967
  43. Atsushi Nakayashiki, On the Thomae formula for $Z_N$ curves, 987
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