Contents (Volume 34) (1998)
1. Paul L. Robinson, Quadratic Weyl representations, 1
2. Krishnamurthi Guruprasad, Some remarks on the symplectic pairing on the moduli space of representations of the fundamental group of surfaces, 19
3. Tomoyuki Shirai, A trace formula for discrete Schrodinger operators, 27
4. Takao Kobayashi, Singular solutions and prolongation of holomorphic solutions to nonlinear differential equations, 43
5. Kazuhiko Fukui, Commutators of foliation preserving homeomorphisms for certain compact foliations, 65
6. Akisato Kubo, Global existence in time and decay property of solutions of boundary value problems for semilinear hyperbolic equations of second order in the interior domain, 75
7. Christian Kassel and Marc Wambst, Alg{\`e}bre homologique des $N$-complexes et homologie de Hochschild aux racines de l'unit{\'e}, 91
8. Phan H. Loi, Commuting squares and the classification of finite depth inclusions AFD type $III_{\lambda}$ factors, ${\lambda}\in (0, 1)$, 115
9. Helene Biosca, Joel Briancon, Philippe Maisonobe et Helene Maynadier, Espaces conormaux relatifs II Modules diff{\'e}rentiels, 123
10. Kiyoshi Takeuchi, Microlocal inverse image and bimicrolocalization, 135
11. Yoshihisa Saito, Quantum toroidal algebras and their vertex representations, 155
12. Hideshi Yamane, Singularities in Fuchsian Cauchy problems with holomorphic data, 179
13. Miros{\l}aw Lachowicz, On the hydrodynamic limit of the Enskog equation, 191
14. Karl Michael Schmidt and Osanobu Yamada, Spherically symmetric Dirac operators with variable mass and potentials infinite at infinity, 211
15. Venkatramani Lakshmibai and Peter Magyar, Standard monomial theory for Bott-Samelson varieties of $GL(n)$, 229
16. Tamotu Kinoshita, Gevrey wellposedness of the Cauchy problem for the hyperbolic equations of third order with coefficients depending only on time, 249
17. Katsuhiro Komiya, Equivariant maps between representation spheres of a torus, 271
18. Michitomo Nishizawa, On a solution of a $q$-difference analogue of Lauricella's $D$-type hypergeometric equation, 277
19. Sunao {\=O}uchi, Singular solutions with asymptotic expansion of linear partial differential equations in the complex domain, 291
20. Takanori Hinokuma and Hiroo Shiga, Topology of the configuration space of polygons as a codimension one submanifold of a torus, 313
21. Mark A. Hennings, Daniel A. Dubin and Thomas B. Smith, Dequantization techniques for Weyl quantization, 325
22. Hiroshi T. Ito, An inverse scattering problem for Dirac equations with time-dependent electromagnetic potentials, 355
23. Toshinori Oaku and Susumu Yamazaki, Higher-codimensional boundary value problems and $F$-mild microfunctions ---Local and microlocal uniqueness, 383
24. Atsushi Nakayashiki, Integral and theta formulae for solutions of $sl_N$ Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equation at level zero, 439
25. Michel Rouleux, Resonances for a semi-classical Schr{\"o}dinger operator near a non trapping energy level, 487
26. Tatsuo Iguchi, On the irrotational flow of incompressible ideal fluid in a circular domain with free surface, 525
27. Kenshi Ishiguro, Pairings of $p$-compact groups and $H$-structures on the classifying spaces of finite loop spaces, 567
28. Yuan-Chuan Li and Sen-Yen Shaw, Infinite differentiability of hermitian and positive $C$-semigroups and $C$-cosine functions, 579
29. Kil-Chan Ha, Atomic positive linear maps in matrix algebras, 591
30. Yoshitsugu Takei, Singular-perturbative reduction to Birkhoff normal form and instanton-type formal solutions of Hamiltonian systems, 601