Contents (Volume 35) (1999)
Authors, Title, Page
1. Daniel A. Dubin, Mark A. Hennings and Thomas B. Smith, Existence theorems for ordered variants of Weyl quantization 1
2. Edward Cline, Brian Parshall and Leonard Scott, Generic and $q$-rational representation theory 31
3. Bernhard KrÖtz, The Plancherel Theorem for biinvariant Hilbert spaces 91
4. Paul L. Robinson, The Berezin calculus 123
5. Paul L. Robinson, Polynomial Weyl representations 195
6. Philibert Nang, ${\cal D}$-modules associated to the group of similitudes 223
7. Vladimir V. Ezhov and Alexander V. Isaev, Canonical isomorphism of two Lie algebras arising in $CR$-geometry 249
8. Hiroki Aoki, Automorphic forms on the expanded symmetric domain of type IV 263
9. Katsuju Igari, Propagation of singularities in the ramified Cauchy problem for a class of operators with non-involutive multiple characteristics 285
10. Chia-Shiang Lin, The Furuta inequality and an operator equation for linear operators 309
11. Takayuki Takahashi, Characterization of the pull-back of ${\cal D}$-modules 315
12. Hiroyuki Yamane, On defining relations of affine Lie superalgebras and affine quantized universal enveloping superalgebras 321
13. Fumihiko Hirosawa, Energy decay for a degenerate hyperbolic equation with a dissipative term 391
14. Kouichi Takemura and Denis Uglov, Representations of the quantum toroidal algebra on highest weight modules of the quantum affine algebra of type ${\goth {gl}_N}$ 407
15. Mathijs S. Dijkhuizen and Jasper V. Stokman, Some limit transitions between $BC$ type orthogonal polynomials interpreted on quantum complex Grassmannians 451
16. Nakao Hayashi, Pavel I. Naumkin and Hidetake Uchida, Large time behavior of solutions for derivative cubic nonlinear SchrÖdinger equations 501
17. Takayuki Hayakawa, Blowing ups of 3-dimensional terminal singularities 515
18. Daniel Barlet, Multiple poles at negative integers for $\int_{A}f^{\lambda}\Box$ in the case of an almost isolated singularity 571
19. Herwig Hauser et Jean-Jacques Risler, Dérivations et idéaux réels invariants 585
20. Tatsushi Morioka, Régularité des ondes élastiques dans la région glancing des ondes $P$ 599
21. Hua Chen and Hidetoshi Tahara, On totally characteristic type non-linear partial differential equations in the complex domain 621
22. Jean-Louis Frot, Correspondance d'Andreotti-Norguet et ${\cal D}$-modules 637
23. Yves Dermenjian et Viorel Iftimie, Méthodes à $N$ corps pour un problème de milieux pluristratifiés perturbès 679
24. Frank Neumann, A theorem of Tits, normalizers of maximal tori and fibrewise Bousfield-Kan completions 711
25. Ravi P. Agarwal and Donal O'Regan, Coincidence points for perturbations of linear Fredholm maps of index zero 725
26. Soon-Yeong Chung and Yongjim Yeom, An integral transformation and its applications to harmonic analysis on the space of solutions of heat equation 737
27. Jaeseong Heo, Hilbert $C^*$-module representation on Haagerup tensor products and group systems 757
28. Manfred Denker and Hiroshi Sato, Sierpi\'nski gasket as a Martin boundary II ( The intrinsic metric) 769
29. Feng Xu, Algebraic coset conformal field theories II 795
30. Laura De Carli and Takashi Ökaji, Strong unique continuation property for the Dirac equation 825
31. Hubert Kalf and Osanobu Yamada, Note on the paper ``Strong unique continuation property for the Dirac equation'' by De Carli and Okaji 847
32. Akisato Kubo, On the spherically symmetric solution to the mixed problem for a weakly hyperbolic equation of second order 853
33. Tetsuji Miwa, Yoshihiro Takeyama and Vitaly Tarasov, Determinant formula for solutions of the quantum Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equation associated with $U_q$($sl_n$) at $|q|=1$ 871
34. Masaki Hibino, Divergence property of formal solutions for singular first order linear partial differential equations 893
35. Minoru Matsuda, A generalization of the Radon-Nikodym property in dual Banach spaces, fragmentedness, and differentiability of convex functions 921