Contents (Volume 36) (2000)
Authors, Title, Page
1. Hiroshi ASO, Conjugacy of Z2-subshifts and textile systems 1
2. Fabienne PROSMANS, Derived categories for functional analysis 19
3. Nariya KAWAZUMI, Youichi SHIBUKAWA, The meromorphic solutions of the Bruschi-Calogero equation 85
4. Hiroshi YAMADA, Elliptic root system and elliptic Artin group 111
5. Gert K. PEDERSEN, Operator differentiable functions 139
6. Kazunori NAKAMOTO, Representation varieties and character varieties 159
7. Keisuke UCHIKOSHI, Cauchy problems for mixed-type operators 191
8. Tomohiro HAYASHI, Harmonic function spaces of probability measures on fusion algebras 231
9. Takashi ITOH, Masaru NAGISA, Schur products and module maps on $B({\cal H})$ 253
10. Kenneth R. GOODEARL, Thomas H. LENAGAN, Laurent RIGAL, The first fundamental theorem of coinvariant theory for the quantum general linear group 269
11. Tatsuya KOIKE, On the exact WKB analysis of second order linear ordinary differential equations with simple poles 297
12. Kazuhiko FUKUI, Atsuhide MORI, Codimension two compact Hausdorff foliations by hyperbolic surfaces are not stable 321
13. Andrea D'AGNOLO, Corrado MARASTONI, Real forms of the Radon-Penrose transform 337
14. Kyoji SAITO, Daigo YOSHII, Extended affine root system IV (Simply-laced elliptic Lie algebras) 385
15. Takayuki HAYAKAWA, Blowing ups of 3-dimensional terminal singularities, II 423
16. Sunao OUCHI, Asymptotic expansion of singular solutions and the characteristic polygon of linear partial differential equations in the complex domain 457
17. Chia-Shiang LIN, Bounds of operator functions and Furuta inequalities 483
18. Masaki KASHIWARA, Invariant sheaves 491
19. Paul L. ROBINSON, The generalized Fock implementation of complex orthogonal transformations 511
20. Timothy H. BAKER, Zero actions and energy functions for perfect crystals 533
21. Johannes SJÖSTRAND, Asymptotic distribution of eigenfrequencies for damped wave equations 573
22. Takeo K. USHIJIMA, On the approximation of blow-up time for solutions of nonlinear parabolic equations 613
23. Keiko KAWAMURO, A Rohlin property for one-parameter automorphism groups of the hyperfinite II1 factor 641
24. Dirk SIERSMA, Mihai TIBAR, Singularities at infinity and their vanishing cycles, II. Monodromy 659
25. Fabio BAGARELLO, Camillo TRAPANI, Morphisms of certain Banach C*-modules 681
26. Simon N. M. RUIJSENAARS, Hilbert space theory for reflectionless relativistic potentials 701