Contents (Volume 37) (2001)

Authors, Title, Page
1. Jens BOCKENHAUER, David E. EVANS, Yasuyuki KAWAHIGASHI, Longo-Rehren subfactors arising from $\alpha$-induction 1
2. Violaine COLIN, Specialization of formal cohomology and asymptotic expansions 37
3. Yoshihiro TAKEYAMA, The q-twisted cohomology and the q-hypergeometric function at |q|=1 71
4. Kunio ICHINOBE, The Borel sum of divergent Barne hypergeometric series and its application to a partial differential equation 91
5. Teresa Monteiro FERNANDES, Propagation of the irregularity of a microdifferential system 119
6. Byung Keun SOHN, Dae Hyeon PAHK, Analytic representation of generalized tempered distributions by wavelets 141
7. Motoo UCHIDA, On the micro-hyperbolic boundary value problem for systems of differential equations 151
8. Feng XU, On a conjecture of Kac-Wakimoto 165
9. Masaharu MORIMOTO, G-surgery on 3-dimensional manifolds for homology equivalences 191
10. Otto LIESS, Yasunori OKADA, Nobuyuki TOSE, Hartogs' phenomena for microfunctions with holomorphic parameters 221
11. Kai LIU, Tomas CARABALLO, Asymptotic exponential stability for diffusion processes driven by stochastic differential equations in duals of nuclear spaces 239
12. Makoto NAKAMURA, Tohru OZAWA, The Cauchy problem for nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations in the Sobolev spaces 255
13. Catherine DONATI-MARTIN, Hiroyuki MATSUMOTO, Marc YOR, Some absolute continuity relationships for certain anticipative transformations of geometric Brownian motions 295
14. Pilar R. GORDOA, Nalini JOSHI, Andrew PICKERING, On a generalized 2+1 dispersive water wave hierarchy 327
15. Stefan HELMKE, Peter SLODOWY, On unstable principal bundles over elliptic curves 349
16. Fabio BAGARELLO, Fixed points in topological *-algebras of unbounded operators 397
17. Keiji MATSUMOTO, Theta constants associated with the cyclic triple coverings of the complex projective line branching at six points 419
18. Kiyoshi MOCHIZUKI, Hideo NAKAZAWA, Energy decay of solutions to the wave equations with linear dissipation localized near infinity 441
19. Kunio OBITSU, The asymptotic behavior of Eisenstein series and a comparison of the Weil-Petersson and the Zograf-Takhtajan metrics 459
20. Gerard F. HELMINCK, Johan W. van de LEUR, Geometric Bäcklund-Darboux transformations for the KP hierarchy 479
21. Mary L. LOURENCO, Luiza A. MORAES, A class of polynomials from Banach spaces into Banach algebras 521
22. Hiroshi T. ITO, Hideo TAMURA, Scattering by magnetic fields at large separation 531
23. Masaki HIBINO, Gevrey asymptotic theory for singular first order linear partial differential equations of nilpotent type ---Part II--- 579
24. Hiroyuki YAMANE, Errata to "On defining relations of affine Lie superalgebras and affine quantized universal enveloping superalgebras" 615
25. Erik KOELINK, Jasper V. STOKMAN with an appendix by Mizan RAHMAN, Fourier transforms on the quantum SU(1,1) group 621

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