Contents (Volume 39), 2003



The heat semigroup on configuration spaces   1

2. Hiroo SHIGA, Toshihiro YAMAGUCHI,

Principal bundle maps via rational homotopy theory   49

3. Yoshihiro TAKEYAMA,

Form factors of $SU(N)$ invariant Thirring model   59

4. Hiroki YAGISITA,

Backward global solutions characterizing annihilation dynamics of travelling fronts   117

5. Richard M. ARON, Domingo GARC\'IA, Manuel MAESTRE,

On norm attaining polynomials   165

6. Yohei ONO, Kohhei YAMAGUCHI,

Group actions on spaces of rational functions   173

7. Francesco S. DE BLASI, Pando Gr. GEORGIEV,

Hukuhara's topological degree for non compact valued multifunctions    183

8. Takahiro SUDO,

   The structure of group $C$*-algebras of the generalized Dixmier groups     205

9. Oleg Yu. IMANUVILOV, Masahiro YAMAMOTO,

  Carleman inequalities for parabolic equations in Sobolev spaces of negative order and exact controllability for semilinear parabolic equations   227

10. Akira SHIRAI,

   A Maillet type theorem for first order singular nonlinear partial differential equations   275

11. Shin-ichi SHIRAI,

   Eigenvalue asymptotics for the Schr\"odinger operator with steplike magnetic field and slowly decreasing electric potential   297

12. Masaru MIZUO,

   Noncommutative Sobolev spaces, $C^{\infty}$ algebras and Schwartz distributions associated with semicircular systems   331

13. Shigeki AIDA,

   On a certain semiclassical problem on Wiener spaces   365

14. Wolfgang EBELING,

   The Poincar\'e series of some special quasihomogeneous surface singularities   393

15. Paul. L. ROBINSON,

    Polarized states on the Weyl algebra   415

16. Pilar R. GORDOA, Nalini JOSHI, Andrew PICKERING,

  A new technique in nonlinear singularity analysis   435

17. Takayuki ODA, Masao TSUZUKI,

   Automorphic Green functions associated with the secondary spherical functions   451

18. Kohhei YAMAGUCHI,

   Configuration space models for spaces of maps from a Riemann surface to complex projective space   535

19. Shun-Jen CHENG, Weiqiang WANG,

   Lie subalgebras of differential operators on the super circle   545

20. Y\^usaku HAMADA,

   Probl\`eme de Cauchy analytique I   601

21. Fumio HAZAMA,

    On the general Hodge conjecture for abelian varieties of CM-type   625

22. Kunio ICHINOBE,

  Integral representation for Borel sum of divergent solution to a certain non-Kowalevski type equation   657

23. Hidekazu FURUSHO,

   The multiple zeta value algebra and the stable derivation algebra   695

24. Michael FINKELBERG, Dennis GAITSGORY, Alexander KUZNETSOV,

   Uhlenbeck spaces for $\mathbb{A}^2$ and affine Lie algebra $\hat{\s\l}_n$   721

25. Toshiko OGIWARA, Ken-Ichi NAKAMURA,

    Spiral traveling wave solutions of nonlinear diffusion equations related to a model of spiral crystal growth   767

26. Kenta KOBAYASHI,

    A remark on the fast Gauss Transform   795

27. Tristan TORRELLI,

   Bernstein polynomials of a smooth function restricted to an isolated hypersurface singularity    797

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