Seminar on Singular Perturbations

Date: February 24 (Fri), 2006, 15:30 --
Place: RIMS, Room No. 102
Speaker: Prof. Michèle Loday-Richaud
  (Université d'Angers)
Title: Infinitesimal neighbourhoods of singularities
of linear ordinary differential equations

Seminar on Singular Perturbations

Date: August 3 (Wed), 2005, 14:00〜15:30
Place: RIMS, Room No. 402
Speaker: Prof. Alexander V. Kitaev
  (Steklov Institute, St. Petersburg)
Title: Isomonodromy Deformations and asymptotics of the Painlevé equations

河合隆裕教授還暦記念 国際研究集会 2005/7/7-7/14
Algebraic Analysis of Differential Equations --from Microlocal Analysis to Exponential Asymptotics--

  講 演 会

2004年12月6日(月)   RIMS402号室


13:00〜14:00   Y. Takei (RIMS)

    On virtual turning points

14:30〜15:30   L. Stolovitch (Toulouse)

    Singular complete integrability

16:00〜16:40   S. Sasaki (RIMS)

    The role of virtual turning points in deformation of linear ordinary differential equations

17:00〜18:00   T. Koike (Kyoto)

    On the exact WKB analysis of simple-pole type operators

2004年12月8日(水)10:30〜12:00   RIMS402号室


L. Stolovitch (Toulouse, フランス)

    A KAM phenomenon for singular holomorphic vector fields



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