Preprints by Anatol N. Kirillov

  1. On some quadratic algebras, Dunkl elements, Schubert, Grothendieck and reduced polynomials
    submitted to J.Sigma; Preprint RIMS, 2014

  2. Singular solutions to the Bethe Ansatz equations and rigged configurations (with R.Sakamoto)
    submitted to J.Physics A; Preprint RIMS-1793, 2014

  3. Notes on Schubert, Grothendieck and Key polynomials
    Preprint RIMS, 2006, 20p.

  4. Deformed Demazure operators and classical Yang-Baxter algebras (with Y.Bazlov)
    Preprint RIMS, 2006, 15p.

  5. A note on quantm K-theory of flag varieties
    Preprint RIMS, 2005, 10p.

  6. On some quadratic algebras, II
    Preprint RIMS, 2005, 50p.

  7. The Robinson-Schensted-Knuth bijection, quantum matrices and piece-wise linear combinatorics (with A.D. Berenstein)
    FPSAC 2001, Arizona State University, May 20-26, 2001, 12p.

  8. Yang-Baxter equation, symmetric functions and Grothendieck polynomials (with S.Fomin)
    Preprint PAR-LPTHE 93/32, 1993, 25p.;

  9. Fusion algebra and Verlinde formula
    Preprint IN-92019, 1992, 9p.;

  10. Local fields in scaling field theory associated with 3-state Potts model (with F.A.Smirnov)
    Preprint ITF-88-73P, 1988, 19p.

  11. Classification of the commutative formal group over rings without Z-torsion (Russian),
    Preprint LOMI, 1977, 90p.

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