How to come to RIMS from Kansai Airport

When you exit the airport terminal, take JR train. The station is just next
to the airport building and it is located in the second floor (1st floor, in
British sense). Next to the JR station, there is another station of Nankai
train company, but you cannot reach Kyoto by this. At the station, get a
ticket of Haruka-express to Kyoto station.
The price is about 3,500 yen (including the express ticket). In the daytime,
Haruka-express runs every 30 minutes and it will take an hour and 20 minutes
to arrive at Kyoto station.
Important remark: in Japan you should keep the tickets till the end of your trip,
since most of the ticket gates are automatic and one needs the tickets both of the
times when one enters and exits stations.

From the Kyoto station, the easiest way to come to Kyoto University is to
take a taxi. Just tell the driver "Kyoto daigaku, Nougakubu mae"
(Kyoto University, in front of the department of agriculture)
It will take about 20 minutes and the price is about 1,500-2,000 yen.
Otherwise, you can take a bus. Go to the bus terminal and take a bus No. 17
(which will leave from the platform A3). Get off at "Kyo-dai Nougakubu mae"
(, which means "front of the department of agriculture, Kyoto University") stop.
Note that you may also get off at "Kitashirakawa" which is the next stop.
The price is 220 yen, but usually this bus is crowded and not comfortable with
big luggages. It will take about 30 minutes -1 hour (highly depends on traffic) to the stop.

My office is in RIMS (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences), Room No. 309 (tel (075)-753-7215).
Here is some more information how to come to RIMS.

Good luck!

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