Geometric Theory of Several Complex Variables
藤本 坦孝
目 次
1. Surjective Morphisms of Holomorphic Vector Bundles (Geometric Theory of Several Complex Variables)--------------------------------1
    Universite de Paris   SKODA,H.
2. Non-Existence of Bounded Functions on the Universal Covering of {$P^n$-n+2 Hyperplanes in General Position}(n>2) (Geometric Theory of Several Complex Variables)---4
    Department of Mathematics, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology   WAKABAYASHI,ISAO
3. Some Open Problems in the Study of Noncompact Kahler Manifolds (Geometric Theory of Several Complex Variables)-------------------12
    University of California, Berkeley   WU,H.
4. Families of Linear Systems on Projective Manifolds (Geometric Theory of Several Complex Variables)-------------------------------26
    Tohoku University   NAMBA,MAKOTO
5. 開リーマン面の動きについて (Geometric Theory of Several Complex Variables)-------------------------------------------------------42
    滋賀大学教育学部   山口 博史 (YAMAGUCHI,HIROSHI)
6. Brody's Method in Value Distribution Theory (Geometric Theory of Several Complex Variables)--------------------------------------56
    University of California, Los Angeles   GREEN,Mark L.
7. Riemann-Hilbert Problem and Its Application to Analytic Functions of Several Complex Variables (Geometric Theory of Several Complex Variables)---60
    Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University   KITA,MICHITAKA
8. Some Geometric Properties of Compact Complex Manifolds Uniformized by Bounded Domains in $\mathbb{C}^n$ (Geometric Theory of Several Complex Variables)---69
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong   WONG,B.