Link homology and categorification

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2007, May. 10 (Thu.) -- 25 (Fri.)
Department of Mathematics (10,11,21 -- 25) and RIMS (14 -- 18), Kyoto University


As a part of RIMS project `Mirror Symmetry and Topological Field Theory' (organized together with Fukaya et al, April 2007 - March 2008), we give survey lectures on the following themes and research lectures on link homology and categorification:
Introduction to link homology, Matrix factorizations and link homology, Knot Floer homology, Category and its application to link invariants, Introduction to categorifications, Link homology from coherent sheaves,

Unfortunately Khovanov's lectures are cancelled.

Program and links to notes

On May 10(Thu.), 11(Fri.) we have preliminary lectures by Dror Bar-Natan (Tronto) and Aaron Lauda (postdoc. at Columbia). These are for students, non-experts.
On May 21(Mon.) -- 25(Fri.) we continue several lectures in less tight schedule. In particular, Joel Kamnitzer will give talks on Introduction to affine grassmannian and geometric Langlands.


Peter Ozsvath (Columbia Univ.)
Dror Bar-Natan (Univ. of Tronto)
Sabin Cautis (Harvard Univ.)
Sergei Gukov (Caltech)
Joel Kamnitzer (UC Berkeley)
Marco MacKaay (University of the Algarve)
Ciprian Manolescu (Columbia Univ.)
Scott Morrison (UC Berkeley)
Rarphael Rouquier (University of Leeds)
Lev Rozansky (University of North Carolina)
Alexander Shumakovitch (The George Washington Univ.)
Marko Stosic (Inst. Super. T\'ec.)
Catharina Stroppel (University of Glasgow)
Joshua Sussan (Yale Univ.)
Susum Ariki (RIMS), and others

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From Itami Local Airport

The third choice (not explained in the webpage at RIMS) is to fly to Narita International Airport in Tokyo, and then change to the domestic flight to Osaka (Itami) airport. If you can take a domestic flight from Narita, it is a good choice. However, in the bad case (depending on the time), you must take a bus or a train from Narita to Haneda, which takes about 2 hours. I do not recommend it unless you are familiar with Japan. From Itami airport, the limousine bus departs every 20 minutes. It takes about 55 minutes to the JR Kyoto Station, and the fare is 1,280 yen.

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