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September 1st-3rd, 2004
RIMS, Kyoto University

Prof. Masatake Mori, former Director of RIMS. Currently, Professor of Tokyo Denki Univ.
The purpose of this workshop is to commemorate "Double Exponential Formulas for Numerical Integration" by H. Takahasi and M. Mori. which was published in Vol. 9 (1974) of Publications of RIMS. The topic of the workshop is accurate numerical methods for quadrature and/or differential equations.

The proceedings of this conference will be published as a special issue of Publ. RIMS.

Invited speakers:

                  (Provisional) Titles of the Invited Lectures

                       Ken Hayami,
                           Variable transformations for nearly singular integrals
                           in the boundary element method.

                       James N. Lyness,
                           Cubature of some Galerkin Integrals by extrapolation.

                       James W. Maina,
                           Elastic multilayered analysis using DE-integration.

                       Giovanni Monegato,
                           The role of non linear transformations in the computation of
                           integrals and in the numerical solution of integral equations.

                       Masatake Mori,
                           Discovery of the double exponential transformation and its developments

                       Kazuo Murota,
                           DE vs IMT: some history and some mathematics

                       Ahniyaz Nurmuhammad,
                           Numerical solution of initial value problems of ODE based
                           on the double exponential transformation.

                       Hidenori Ogata,
                           A numerical integration formula based on the Bessel functions and its relation with the DE rule.

                       Takuya Ooura,
                           A double exponential formula for the Fourier transforms

                       Masaaki Sugihara,
                           DE formulas revisited

                       Ian H. Sloan,
                           Contemporary issues in high dimensional numerical integration

                       Frank Stenger,
                           Double Exponential Transforms with Sinc-Pack

                       Yusaku Yamamoto,
                           A double-exponential fast Gauss transform algorithm for pricing lookback options.

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