The aim of the Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences is to publish original research papers in the mathematical sciences. Occasionally surveys are included at the request of the editorial board. Beginning with Volume 37, four issues will be published each year.

Preparation of papers for submission

Manuscripts should be typed or electronically printed only on one side of the paper. Manuscripts prepared in TeX, especially in LaTeX, are preferable; the RIMS style file and brief instructions are available at the following URL.
If the manuscript is prepared by other means, it should be double-spaced with enough margins.

The manuscript should include the full name, department, institution and full address of each author; it should also include a short abstract, the 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification (e.g., Primary 16G10; Secondary 16G20, 16G21) and a running title of up to 40 letters.

References should have numeric or alphanumeric labels. They should be listed in alphabetical order (i.e., 0 < . . . < 9 < A < . . .) by their labels at the end of the manuscript. As for the format of the references, recent issues of Publications should be consulted. Checking your manuscript with MRef may be also helpful if it is available.

A list of the subject classifications above, as well as the journal abbreviations for the references, can be found in the annual index of Mathematical Reviews.

Submission and correspondence

The manuscript should be sent in duplicate to the editorial office. The e-mail address (if available) of each author should be included. The author(s) should keep one copy of the manuscript. The manuscript may be sent as a pdf file via e-mail as well. Once submitted, the manuscript will not be returned.

Address for submission

Editorial Office, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan
prims [at]

Typesetting instructions and TeX files

Once the manuscript is accepted for publication by the Editorial Board, the author(s) will be requested to send the following to the Editorial Office of the Publications of RIMS.

  1. In case of TeX-prepared manuscripts: TeX files including special macros and postscript files used for the manuscript, via e-mail or on diskette. No typesetting instructions are required.
  2. In case of non-TeX-prepared manuscripts: Complete typesetting instructions and a copy of the manuscript in which bold-face, italic, script, German, Greek and Russian letters, as well as mathematical symbols, are to be marked clearly in accordance with the instructions.

None of these should be included in the submission of the paper, or be sent before the request of the Publications of RIMS.


The author(s) will be granted an opportunity to correct the galley proofs once before publication. Regardless of the number of authors, only one set of galley proofs will be sent. Excessive changes will be charged.

Page charges

There are no page charges.


The author(s) of each paper will receive a total of 30 offprints free of charge.