Booklet of Takagi Lectures


Takagi Booklet
ISSN 2187-3267
  • The 1st Takagi Lectures (2006 Autumn)
  •   S. Bloch (University of Chicago)
      P.-L. Lions (Collège de France)
      S. Smale (Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, University of Chicago)
      C. Voisin (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu)
  • The 2nd Takagi Lectures (2007 Spring)
  •   K.-H. Neeb (Technische Universität Darmstadt)
      D.-V. Voiculescu (University of California)
      M. Yor (Universités Paris VI et VII)
  • The 3rd Takagi Lectures (2007 Autumn)
  •   J. Makino (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
      P. Malliavin (Université Paris VI)
  • The 4th Takagi Lectures (2008 Spring)
  •   H. Ooguri (California Institute of Technology, IPMU)
      O. Viro (Steklov Institute at St. Petersburg and Stony Brook University)
  • The 5th Takagi Lectures (2008 Autumn)
  •   J.-P. Bourguignon (CNRS - Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques)
      É. Ghys (CNRS - École Normale Supérieure de Lyon)
      M. Kontsevich (Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques)
      N. Nekrasov (Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques)
  • The 6th Takagi Lectures (2009 Spring)
  •   M. Khovanov (Columbia University)
      D. McDuff (Columbia University, Barnard College)
  • The 7th Takagi Lectures (2009 Autumn)
  •   M. Harris (Université Paris 7)
      M. Hopkins (Harvard University)
      U. Jannsen (Universität Regensburg)
      C. Khare (University of California, Los Angeles)
      J. McKernan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • The 8th Takagi Lectures (2010 Autumn)
  •   A. Connes (Collège de France, IHÉS)
      S. Gukov (California Institute of Technology, Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik)
  • The 9th Takagi Lectures (2011 Spring)
  •   S. Brendle (Stanford University)
      C. Kenig (University of Chicago)
  • The 10th Takagi Lectures (2012 Spring)
  •   Y. Benoist (CNRS, Orsay)
      A. Naor (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
  • The 11th Takagi Lectures (2012 Autumn)
  •   P. F. Baum (The Pennsylvania State University)
      A. Lubotzky (Einstein Institute of Mathematics)
      R. Seiringer (McGill University)
  • The 12th Takagi Lectures (2013 Spring)
  •   L. Lafforgue (Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques)
      S. Popa (University of California, Los Angeles)
  • The 13th Takagi Lectures (2013 Autumn)
  •   H. Oh (Yale University)
      G. Tian (Princeton University, Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research)
  • The 14th Takagi Lectures (2014 Autumn)
  •   Alice Guionnet (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
      Ciprian Manolescu (University of California, Los Angeles)
      Peter Scholze (Universität Bonn)
      Akshay Venkatesh (Stanford University)
  • The 15th Takagi Lectures (2015 Spring)
  •   Vaughan F.R. Jones (Vanderbilt University)
      Anatoly Vershik (St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics)
      Cédric Villani (Université de Lyon and Institut Henri Poincaré)
  • The 16th Takagi Lectures (2015 Autumn)
  •   Fabrizio Catanese (Universität Bayreuth)
      Jean-Pierre Demailly (Université de Grenoble I)
      Masaki Kashiwara (RIMS, Kyoto University)
      Shing-Tung Yau (Harvard University)
  • The 17th Takagi Lectures (2016 Spring)
  •   Kenji Fukaya (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics)
  • The 18th Takagi Lectures (2016 Autumn)
  •   Ngô Bảo Châu (The University of Chicago)
      David Vogan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
      Geordie Williamson (Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik)

    Takagi Lecutres are supported by
    The Mathematical Society of Japan
    The surplus of the ICM 90 Kyoto
    Japanese Journal of Mathematics
    (2006 Autumn, 2010 Autumn, 2011 Spring, 2012 Spring, 2013 Autumn, 2016 Spring)
    The University of Tokyo
    (2007 Spring, Autumn, 2008 Autumn, 2009 Autumn, 2012 Autumn, 2013 Spring, 2014 Autumn, 2015 Autumn, 2016 Autumn)
    Kyoto University (2008 Spring)
    Hokkaido University (2009 Spring)
    Tohoku University (2015 Spring)
    The French-Japanese Scientific Forum (2008 Autumn)
    Organizing Committee
    Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, Toshiyuki Kobayashi, Hiraku Nakajima, Kaoru Ono, Takeshi Saito

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