DateTitleSeminar PlaceNotes
11/2015 "Deformed Conformal Blocks" Workshop on "Quantization of Spectral Curves" Osaka City University Slide (PDF File)
02/2015 "Quantum toroidal algebras and motivic Hall algebras" RIMS Project 2014 Geometric Representation Theory Camp-style Seminar Irako View Hotel Slide (PDF File)
06/2014 "Bridgeland stability conditions and Hall algebras of algebraic curves" Bridgeland stability and Birational geometries RIMS, Kyoto University
03/2014 "Borcherds' new definition of vertex algebras" The course "Quantum algebras" Higher School of Economics, Russia
10/2013 "Whittaker vector of deformed Virasoro algebra" Quiver Varieties Simons Center for Geometry and Physics Video
09/2013 "On K-theoretic AGT conjecture" Geometric Representation Theory Seminar Univiersity of Toronto
07/2013 "Stability conditions for (complexes of) coherent sheaves on algebraic varieties" MAGIC seminar Imperial College London
01-02/2013 "Stability conditions of sheaves and complexes on algebraic variety" Japan-Russia winter school Higher School of Economics, Moscow Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
02/2012 "On Hall algebra of complexes" JSPS/RFBR joint project workshop Higher School of Economics, Moscow
02/2012 "Fourier-Mukai transforms and wall-crossing of Bridgeland's stability conditions" International Workshop on Tropical and Quantum Geometries RIMS, Kyoto University
11/2011 "Trace of Intertwiner for Ding-Iohara algebra" JSPS/RFBR joint project workshop Kyoto University
09/2010 "AGT conjectures and Zamolodchikov-type recursive formula" JSPS/RFBR joint project workshop Higher School of Economics, Moscow Slide (PDF File)
07/2009 "Moduli of stable sheaves on abelian surfaces" Kobe Workshop on Geometry of Moduli Spaces Kobe University

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