Hassei's Portrait (somewhat out of date..)

Masahito Hasegawa
(19 December 1996 at Room 2421, JCMB, Univ. Edinburgh)

Drinking People (after my viva)

Drinking People
From left: M. Wehr, D. Turi, M. Hasegawa, M. Hyland, A. Simpson, M. Fourman, G. Plotkin
(12 June 1997, Causewayside, Edinburgh. Photo by K. Honda)

At CW'01 (chat about "so-called recursion")

With Amr Sabry and Andrzej Filinski
With Amr Sabry and Andrzej Filinski (Photo by Olivier Danvy)
(17 January 2001, Royal Society, London)

At ETAPS 2001

With Yoshihiko Kakutani
With Yoshihiko Kakutani (left), receiving EATCS Best Theoretical Paper Award
(4 April 2001, Genova)

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