Local Information for CCA 2015


Although you can also regiter on site, we kindly request that the participants (of Mon–Wed) register in advance if possible. On-line registration is closed.

The registration fee is 12000 Japanese yen including the banquet on Tuesday.

No registration (or fee) is required for the Workshop on Theory and Practice of Real Computation on the first day (Sunday, July 12).


Invited talks
Contributed talks
Informal talks

Abstracts for Monday–Wednesday (PDF, 4.61MB)

Sunday, July 12

German-Japanese Workshop on Theory and Practice of Real Computation

Monday, July 13

09:10–10:00 Alexander Kreuzer
On the Uniform Computational Content of Computability Theory
10:30–10:55 Vasco Brattka and Tahina Rakotoniaina
On the Computational Content of Ramsey's Theorem
10:55–11:20 Benedikt Löwe, Hugo Nobrega and Arno Pauly
Game characterizations and Weihrauch degrees
11:20–11:45 Kazuto Yoshimura
The Weihrauch degrees define monads
13:10–14:00 Kohei Suenaga
Nonstandard Analysis Meets Programming Language Theory
14:15–14:40 Christine Gaßner and Pedro Francisco Valencia Vizcaíno
Operators for BSS RAM's
14:40–15:05 Ulrich Berger, Kenji Miyamoto, Helmut Schwichtenberg and Hideki Tsuiki
Logic for Gray code computation
15:35–16:00 Cameron Freer and Jan Reimann
The topology of universal graphons
16:00–16:25 Hannes Diener and Robert Lubarsky
Weakenings of Cauchy Convergence
16:25–16:50 Makoto Fujiwara
Intuitionistic provability versus uniform provability in RCA

Tuesday, July 14

09:10–10:00 Sicun Gao
Computable Analysis from an Engineering Perspective
10:30–10:55 Eike Neumann
Continuous Enclosures and Best Approximations of Discontinuous Operations
10:55–11:45 Vikram Sharma
Real Numbers in Exact Geometric Computation
13:10–13:35 Tomohiro Katayama and Akitoshi Kawamura
On the Image and Length of Polynomial Time Computable Curves
13:35–14:00 Matthias Schröder, Florian Steinberg and Martin Ziegler
Average-Case Complexity of Real Functions
14:15–14:40 Akitoshi Kawamura, Florian Steinberg and Martin Ziegler
Towards Computational Complexity Theory on Advanced Function Spaces in Analysis
14:40–15:05 Hugo Férée and Martin Ziegler
On the Computational Complexity of Positive Linear Functionals on C[0;1]
15:35–16:00 Shu-Ming Sun, Ning Zhong and Martin Ziegler
On Computability of Navier-Stokes' Equation
16:00–16:25 Daniel Graça and Ning Zhong
Computation of the asymptotic behavior of dynamical systems
16:25–16:50 Amaury Pouly
Continuous models of computation: from computability to complexity
Banquet (see below) Click here for directions

Wednesday, July 15

09:10–09:35 Arno Pauly
Computability on the countable ordinals and the Hausdorff-Kuratowski theorem
09:35–10:00 Matthew de Brecht
Extending continuous valuations on quasi-Polish spaces to Borel measures
10:30–10:55 Kei Matsumoto and Kazushige Terui
Coherence Spaces for Computable Analysis
10:55–11:20 Robert Kenny
Effective zero-dimensionality and retracts
11:20–11:45 Rutger Kuyper
Differentiability and effective genericity
13:10–13:35 Matthias Schroeder
A Hofmann-Mislove Theorem for Scott open sets
13:35–14:00 Vassilios Gregoriades
The Baire property holds in the projective hierarchy almost uniformly (Abstract)
14:15–14:40 Norbert Preining
CafeOBJ for real - using an algebraic specification language as theorem prover for computational reals
14:40–15:05 Laurent Bienvenu, Santiago Figueira, Benoît Monin and Alexander Shen
Algorithmic identification of probabilities is hard
15:35–16:25 Katrin Tent
Low functions of reals

Conference venue

The conference will take place on the 4th floor of the Shikonkan building (more information in Japanese here) in the Surugadai Campus of Meiji University. The building is about 5 minutes' walk from Ochanomizu (御茶ノ水), Shin-Ochanomizu (新御茶ノ水), and Jimbocho (神保町) stations (click the map to enlarge).

From Narita International Airport to Ochanomizu station

From Tokyo station to Ochanomizu

General tips


Click here for directions (PDF)

Tuesday, July 14, on a Yakatabune cruise

A Yakatabune literally means a Japanese-style houseboat, which cruises around Sumida river and Tokyo bay serving traditional Japanese dishes. Further information on Yakatabune can be found at Tokyo Yakatabune Association.


Book early! The conference hall is located in a busy area. There are many hotels nearby, but they are in high demand. To stay at a reasonable cost, please try to book your hotel as early as possible. Some hotels within walking distance:

Breakfast is usually not included unless explicitly mentioned (though this should be no problem since there are cafes everywhere).

If you look for more economical options, you may consider booking hotels somewhat far away and coming to the conference by subway. In that case, the directions in which the prices go down most quickly are probably the Shinjuku or Sobu Line to the east and the Chiyoda Line to the north.


The ELC Project
(MEXT Scientific Research on Innovative Areas)
German JSPS Alumni Club

JSPS Kakenhi Kayamori Foundation of
Informational Science Advancement
Meiji University

Further Information

For further information, please contact

Organizing committee: Naohi Eguchi (Chiba U), Kojiro Higuchi (Chiba U), Akitoshi Kawamura (U Tokyo), Kenshi Miyabe (Meiji U), Ryuhei Mori (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Hideki Tsuiki (Kyoto U)