RIMS International Project Research 2006 ``Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry''
  Workshop ``p-adic Arithmetic Geometry''  

November 20-22, 2006
Room 115, RIMS, Kyoto University

Poster (PDF) of this workshop and the related workshop
``p-adic method and its applications in arithmetic geometry'',
November 24-25, 2006, at Hiroshima University

Invited Speakers (confirmed)
Fabrizio Andreatta,  Pierre Berthelot,  John Coates,
Pierre Colmez,  Jean-Marc Fontaine,  Shinichi Mochizuki,
Atsushi Shiho,  Ramdorai Sujatha,  Jacques Tilouine,
Takeshi Tsuji,  Nobuo Tsuzuki,  Otmar Venjakob,  Go Yamashita

Organizing Committee
Kazuya Kato (Kyoto University, Chair)
Hiroyuki Yoshida (Kyoto University)
Atsushi Moriwaki (Kyoto University)
Akio Tamagawa (RIMS, Kyoto University)
Shinichi Mochizuki (RIMS, Kyoto University)

Program (English, PDF)
Program (Japanese, PDF)

Abstracts of talks (PDF)

-- How to get to RIMS
-- A guide to food around Kyoto Univ. (Fumiharu Kato's homepage)

This workshop is partially supported by JSPS Core-to-Core Program ``New developments of Arithmetic Geometry, Motive, Galois Theory, and their practical applications''.


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