All the picutres and their captions are courtesy of Prof. A. D. D. Craik.

Photos below are taken by Professor A. D. D. Craik who participated in Stokes Summer Seminar . Prof. Wood's article on G. G. Stokes is strongly recommended. Also a brief introduction to Stokes is found in History of Mathematics archives in St. Andrews University.

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Skreen Parish Hall, County Sligo, formerly the schoolhouse where G.G. Stokes is believed to have received his early education. This was the venue for the Stokes Summer School.

A prehistoric "dolmen" within a stone circle. One of many in a large site near Sligo town.

The Stokes memorial plaque, erected at the roadside by Skreen Rectory. Stokes was born in the old rectory formerly on this site.

Conference boat excursion leaving from Aughris pier

Parkes Castle, County Sligo.

George Gabriel Stokes

Born in the old rectory

Skreen Aug. 13, 1819

Died Cambridge Feb. 1, 1903

Mathemacial Physicist

Lucasian Professor of

Mathematics at Cambridge

President of Royal Society

Typical Sligo countryside.

Skreen Parish Church (Episcopalian Church of Ireland), where G.G. Stokes's father was rector.