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Kyoto Young Topologists Seminar (KYTS)

last updated: 2019.7.20

Organizers: Takahiro Oba (RIMS) , Kenta Okazaki (RIMS), Tatsuro Shimizu (RIMS)

Next seminar: 22th July,


Speaker: David Leturcq (Institut Fourier, Universite Grenoble Alpes)

Title: Knot invariants from counting diagrams

Abstract: A long knot is an embedding from R into R^3 which follows the z-axis outside a ball. Two such long knots psi and psi' are isotopic if there exists a smooth family (psi_t) of long knots such that psi_0= psi and psi_1=psi'. In this talk, we will explain how to define a long knot isotopy invariant z_2 counting some diagrams with four vertices. The obtained invariant is a Vassiliev invariant and is then connected to the Alexander polynomial. We will explain how to get this relation directly from the diagram counting definition. In the remaining time, we will present the generalization of these objects, methods, and results to higher dimensions or to higher number of vertices.

Venue: Room 206

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