September, 2001
at Research Institute for
Mathematical Sciences,
Kyoto University

Workshop: September 17 - September 21
Seminars: In the afternoons on September 4, 6, 11, 12, 13, 25, 26, and 27.


The proceedings has been published in Geometry and Topology Monograph.

T. Ohtsuki edited a list of open problems given in problem sessions in the seminars and the workshop.
The problem list has been published as a part of the proceedings.

(Partial) solutions, comments or suggestions to problems of this problem list would be welcome.
Solved problem

The list of speakers:
D. Bar-Natan, Hebrew University
R. Benedetti, University of Pisa
S. J. Bigelow, University of Melbourne
S. Garoufalidis, Georgia Institute of Technology
K. Habiro, Kyoto University
S. K. Hansen, University of Strasbourg
M.-J. Jeong, Kyungpook National University
S. Kamada, Osaka City University
T. Kerler, Ohio State University
T. Kohno, University of Tokyo
A. Kricker, University of Sydney
T. Le, State University of New York, Buffalo
C. Lescop, University of Grenoble
X.-S. Lin, University of California, Riverside
G. Masbaum, Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu
H. R. Morton, University of Liverpool
H. Murakami, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Y. Ohyama, Nagoya Institute of Technology
C.-Y. Park, Kyungpook National University
M. Polyak, Tel-Aviv University
J. Przytycki, George Washington University
J. Roberts, University of California, San Diego
N. Sato, Osaka Prefecture University
J. Sawon, University of Oxford
A. Sikora, University of Montreal
T. Stanford, New Mexico State University
T. Takata, Niigata University
D. Thurston, Harvard University, Cambridge
V. Turaev, University of Strasbourg
Y. Yokota, Tokyo Metropolitan University
T. Yoshida, Tokyo Institute of Technology

The workshop and seminars were organized by T. Ohtsuki, H. Murakami, J. Murakami, and T. Kohno as activities of the research project " Low-Dimensional Topology in the Twenty-First Century" of Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University.

The web pages under this homepage and the logotype of the workshop were designed by Naosuke Okuda.