Takagi Lectures

Teiji Takagi (1875--1960)

List of Takagi Lecturers
The 25th Takagi Lectures
June 21, 2020 (postponed)
(RIMS. Kyoto University)


The Takagi Lectures are the first series of lectures in mathematics to bear a Japanese mathematician's name.

In 2006, the Mathematical Society of Japan (MSJ) introduced the Takagi Lectures as research survey lectures at the highest level for a wide range of mathematicians by the finest contemporary mathematicians. A preliminary version of the lecture notes is availabe as a Takagi Booklet on the day of the Lectures, and a final form is published by the Japanese Journal of Mathematics.

The lectures have been named in honor of Professor Teiji Takagi (1875-1960), the principal creator of the Class Field Theory and the father of modern mathematical research in Japan. He served at the 1st Fields Medal Committee with Birkhoff, Cartan, Carathéodory and Severi.

The videos of the previous lectures are available on the Internet.
News Video
Takagi Booklet
Takagi Booklet
Japanese Journal of Mathematics

Takagi Lectures are supported by
The Mathematical Society of Japan
The surplus of the ICM 90 Kyoto
Japanese Journal of Mathematics
(published by MSJ and Springer)
Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences (RIMS)
(2006 Autumn, 2010 Autumn, 2011 Spring, 2012 Spring, 2013 Autumn, 2016 Spring,
2017 Spring, 2018 Spring, 2019 Spring)
The University of Tokyo
(2007 Spring, Autumn, 2008 Autumn, 2009 Autumn, 2012 Autumn, 2013 Spring,
2014 Autumn, 2015 Autumn, 2016 Autumn)
Kyoto University (2008 Spring)
Hokkaido University (2009 Spring)
Tohoku University (2015 Spring)
The French-Japanese Scientific Forum (2008 Autumn)
Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe (2019 Autumn)

Organizing Committee
Yasuyuki Kawahigashi, Toshiyuki Kobayashi, Takashi Kumagai, Hiraku Nakajima, Kaoru Ono, Takeshi Saito

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