Kyoto University-Seoul National University-Chinese University of Hong Kong
Information of "Workshop for Young Mathematicians"

  • Date : February 12th (Tue), 13th (Wed), 2008

  • Place : 12th Shiran-kaikan Yamauchi Hall
    13th 420, RIMS, Kyoto Univ.

  • Lectures
    [Seoul National University]
    Professor Young-Hoon Kiem
    , "Gromov-Witten invariants of varieties with holomorphic 2-forms"
    Professor Panki Kim, "Heat Kernel Estimates for Truncated Stable-like Processes and Weighted Poincare Inequality"
    [Chinese University of Hong Kong]
    Professor Tom Wan, "Quasi-decomposition of algebraic hypersurfaces into Calabi-Yau's manifolds"
    Professor Zhouping Xin "Mixed-Type Equations and Transonic Flows"
    [Kyoto University]
    Dr. Masayuki Kawakita, "Progress in the theory of minimal models"

  • POSTER SESSION @12thiTuej@13:30--18:00


Participants, Title / Abstract [Seoul National University]
Presenters in the poster session [Chinese University of Hong Kong]

Presenters in the poster session [Kyoto University]

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