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DOI: 10.7155/jgaa.00267
How to Visualize the K-root Name Server
Giuseppe Di Battista , Claudio Squarcella , and Wolfgang Nagele
To be published in the Special Issue of GD 2011.

Abstract We present a novel paradigm to visualize the evolution of the service provided by one of the most popular root name servers, called K-root, operated by the RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) and distributed in several locations (instances) worldwide. Our approach can be used to either monitor what happened during a prescribed time interval or observe the status of the service in near real-time. We visualize how and when the clients of K-root migrate from one instance to another, how the workload associated with each instance changes over time, and what are the instances that contribute to offer the service to a selected Internet Service Provider. In addition, the visualization aims at distinguishing usual from unusual operational patterns. This helps not only to improve the quality of the service but also to spot security-related issues and to investigate unexpected routing changes.
Posted here: May 2012.

Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications