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Book (June 1999)

Models of Sharing Graphs: A Categorical Semantics of let and letrec

Masahito Hasegawa, Kyoto University, Japan
xii+134 pages, 234 x 156mm hardcover; ISBN 1-85233-145-3, Distinguished Dissertation Series, Springer-Verlag (1999)
UK£40.00 / DM119 / US$89.95 (Recommended Retail Price)
(May 2000) Springer-Verlag informs the author that this book is out of print and will not be reprinted.
This is a revised version of my PhD thesis (Univ. Edinburgh, 1997).

From Backcover

The Distinguished Dissertation Series is published on behalf of the Conference of Professors and Heads of Computing and the British Computer Society, who annually select the best British PhD dissertations in computer science for publication.

The dissertations are selected on behalf of the CPHC by a panel of eight academics. Each dissertation chosen makes a noteworthy contribution to the subject and reaches a high standard of exposition, placing all results clearly in the context of computer science as a whole. In this way computer scientists with significantly different interests are able to grasp the essentials - or even find a means of entry - to an unfamiliar research topic.

Models of Sharing Graphs presents a sound mathematical basis for reasoning about models of computation involving shared resources, including graph rewriting systems, denotational semantics and concurrency theory.
An algebraic approach, based on the language of category theory, is taken throughout this work, which enables the author to describe several aspects of the notion of sharing in a systematic way. In particular, a novel account of recursive computation created from cyclic sharing is developped using this framework.


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