Random processes and systems

We are planning the following conference that is mainly supported by the GCOE.
It is based on a joint research project between PIMS and Kyoto University.

Data: 16 (Mon.)-19 (Thurs.) February, 2009
Place: Room 110, Building 3, Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
Title: Random processes and systems

(Invited Speakers: 50 minutes)
M.T. Barlow (UBC), D. Brydges (UBC), D. Croydon (Warwick), T. Funaki (Tokyo),
G. Grimmett (Cambridge), T. Hara (Kyushu), R.W. van der Hofstad (TUE),
G. Kozma (Weizmann), A. Nachmias (Microsoft), S. Olla (Paris), H. Osada (Kyushu),
A. Sakai (Hokkaido), G. Slade (UBC), H. Spohn (TU München), A.S. Sznitman (ETH),
H. Tanemura (Chiba), H. Tasaki (Gakushuin), N. Yoshida (Kyoto)

(Invited Speakers: 30 minutes)
S. Bhamidi (UBC), R. Fukushima (Kyoto), B. Graham (UBC), J. Goodman (UBC), H. Sakagawa (Keio), M. Sasada (Tokyo)

Poster (partly in Japanese)
Access to the conference room from Hotel Fujita

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