4th China-Japan-Korea Conference on Numerical Mathematics

Points of attraction

Hikone Castle (National treasure) : A beautiful real castle in which samurais resided until 1867.


Azuchi Castle (Nobunaga Oda”Ēs castle) : Nobunaga Oda was one of feudal lords in the mid-16th century. He conquered nearly a half of other lords (or daimyo) when he was assassinated by one of his men. His ambition to conquer all of Japan and to be a king of Japan was stopped by his unexpected death but you can see some of his grandeurs in this ruin of his castle. Good for hiking.


Biwako Cruise : We are sorry but we do not have money for tickets. It is fun.


Mt. Hiei. : This is a mountain standing between Shiga and Kyoto Prefectures. It houses Enryakuji temple (English  Chinese  Korean) and is considered to be a holy site. Good for hiking. Some paths are strenuous.