RIMS International Project Research 2012

Discrete Geometric Analysis

    Last updated: December 13, 2012
    The aim of this year long project is to make comprehensive research on topics related to discreteness in geometry, analysis and optimization. Our goal is to expand and make a new stream of discrete geometric analysis by exchanging ideas in each area.

    The following topics will be the main themes during the project.

    1. Geometric group theory (April-June 2012)
    2. Discrete convex analysis and its applications (October-December 2012)
    3. Discrete probability theory and geometric analysis on graphs (January-March 2013)
    We will divide the project year into 4 quarters, and in each quarter activities will concentrate on one of the topics as described above. The period of July-September 2012 will be devoted to a synthesis of the program. In each period, we will organize an international conference as described below.

Conferences :

  1. Title: Geometry and Analysis on Discrete Groups
    Dates: 4-8 June, 2012
    Place: RIMS, Kyoto University

  2. Title: Discrete Geometric Analysis
    Dates: 27-31 August, 2012
    Place: RIMS, Kyoto University

  3. Title: Discrete Convexity and Optimization
    Dates: 15-18 October, 2012
    Place: RIMS, Kyoto University

  4. Title: Markov chains on graphs and related topics
    Dates: 12-15 February, 2013
    Place: RIMS, Kyoto University

  5. Title: Towards Mathematical Foundations of Complex Network Theory
    Dates: 14-16 September, 2012
    Place: Faculty of Science building no6, Kyoto University

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Contact :

For more information, please contact
discreteGA [at] kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp